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Jubilee at the Botanic

Temasek presents : Jubilee at the Botanics

As part of the nation's Golden Jubilee celebration, Temasek presented free garden concerts on the lush grounds of Botanic Gardens over the weekend. Jubilee at the Botanics brought the combination of Western and Eastern music to the masses over a 2 day musical journey. The first concert featured the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) while Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) wrapped up a fine evening of music on its final day.

The Wacky Duo were invited to experience this series of concerts which aimed to bring families and friends together to enjoy this hour long delightful treat.
Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage
Prior to the concert, we met up with host of the evening, talented local singer Nathan Hartano . It was a pity he is not singing for the evening. With SSO and the young and upcoming Jazz Singer Amni Musfirah providing the music and vocal for the evening, we know this will be a special evening for us.
With Host Nathan Hartono
The concert kicked off at 6pm. We were there about an hour earlier and the Botanic Gardens were already filling up. With a full house crowd turning up for both evening, Jubilee at the Botanic proved to be a hit!
What a crowd!
Since this is our first concert at Botanic Gardens, we would like to share a few tips we picked up to have an enjoyable time for future concerts.

1) Be there early
As parking is limited, do go there early to ensure that you have a spot at the carpark. The nearest carparks will be located near the Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre . Being there early would also mean you get to secure the best seats on the ground to enjoy the concert.
Be there early for good seats!
2 Bring your picnic essentials
Picnic Time
Picnic essentials would include the picnic mat, a picnic basket and chilled beverages. With your picnic mat set up, it's time to kick back and enjoy.
3) Picnic Clothes
Finding a spot
Come in your Bermuda and Tees. Singapore is notoriously hot and it would be best you are in your most comfortable clothes to beat the heat!

4) Just relax and enjoy the moment
Special Guest : PM Lee
Initially we thought the boys might be a tad too young to enjoy classical music. Our concern was quickly dismissed as the boys enjoyed their picnic experience. It was a pleasant surprise too when they realized that there were special guests for the evening... PM Lee.

To take his cue, just relax and enjoy the moment!

The Musical journey began
The concert began right on the dot with the SSO performing familiar tunes such as "Memory" from Cats and "The Phantom of the Opera".Led by Joshua Tan, the SSO provided a strong repertory of songs that is worthy of any concert. It may be a free event, but the quality was impressive.
Singapore Symphony Orchestra with Joshua Tan
Amni Musfirah serenaded the crowd with her beautiful rendition of "I dream a dream".
Ami Musfirah : I Dream a Dream
She saved the best for last with heart-warming rendition of "Count on me Singapore" and "Home". She even had the boys crooning to the latter song. She is definitely a talent to look out for in the future.
Applause Applause
The unified applause from the crowd was testimony to an evening well spend for families and friends.
Family Day out
Singapore has indeed come a long way over the past 50 years and a concert in the park of this magnitude is a showcase of how much Singapore has progressed through the years.
Take a bow
We do hope Temasek will continue this series for the future. From the crowd reaction and participation, a quarterly concert will be welcoming treat to all.

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This is an vertorial. All experiences and opinions are of our own.

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