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Flowery Fun Times with Nursery Rhymes @ Gardens by the Bay

Do you know the first known compilation of English nursery rhymes was believed to be published in 1774?

It was entitled " Tommy Thumb's Song Book' and contained famous nursery rhymes such as London Bridge is falling down and Rock-a-bye baby.

This was one of the facts I discovered upon a journey to Gardens By the Bay latest floral display : Flowery Fun Times with Nursery Rhymes.

Nursery Rhymes is 3rd tale in Gardens By the Bay story telling journey. The floral display has always been my favourite photo opportunity hunting ground. This edition is no different.

To have a glimpse at the earlier tales, click on the links below

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I like how the recent themes at the Flower Dome cater to the younger ones. The idea of infusing iconic Nursery Rhymes displays to the Flower Bed is excellent. Adults can enjoy the floral display while the kids can spot their favourite Nursery Rhymes.

Gardens by the Bay gives an international flavor to the latest displays. Comprising of well known rhymes like Mary has a little lamb to Asian rhymes like The Little Bee, both international and local visitors would surely find a rhyme that they will be familiar with.

There is no London Bridge or Rock-a-bye Baby, but with over 16 nursery rhymes , you will be spoil for choice. Don't forget to read the signs if you are unfamiliar with the rhymes.
Here is a rundown of what to expect from Nursery Rhymes @ Gardens by the Bay.

Mother Goose

The old woman who lived in a shoe

There Was a Crooked Man

Baui Laju Laju (Let's Swing)

Tepuk amai amai (Clap hands with Butterflies)

Enjit Enjit Semut ( An Ant Bite)

小蜜蜂 (The Little Bee)

Ba Ba Black Sheep

Old Macdonald has a Farm

About the Mangoes (Tamil Rhymes)

Appreciation of Nature (Tamil nursery rhymes)

泥娃娃 (Clay Dolly)

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Humpty Dumpty & Itsy Bitsy Spider

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Other than the beautiful displays, take a look around at the little details. Personally , I think the Flower Dome is an excellent spot for those seeking photo taking therapy. It is my favourite spot to unwind after a tough day at work.

Given the quality of the floral displays, I am glad to be a Friends of The Garden. A family of 4 cost $180 (2 adults and 2 children) and it gives you access to the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and OCBC skyway all year round. Other perks include restaurant and retail discount , exclusive invites and free parking for 2 hours. Not too shabby I think.

Don't forget the flowers too. The Fox Gloves are absolutely beautiful.
For the month of June, there are a few promotions for local resident

June Holidays – Gardens by the Bay Family Package Local Families
Family Package at $50 (usual price $64), which allows entry to both conservatories for two adults and two kids! Offer lasts from Saturday, 30 May to Sunday, 28 June 2015.

Seniors enjoy 50% off 1-year Friends of the Gardens membership
Seniors who are aged 60 and above can enjoy 50% off 1-year Friends of the Gardens membership (Usual: $60). Visit our Friends of the Gardens Centre to find out more. Till 31st Aug

SG50 Special - Free Admission for Seniors
In celebration of SG50, local seniors (aged 60 and above) can enjoy free entry into two conservatories. Accompanying caregivers of seniors can also enjoy 50% discount into two conservatories. Valid from 1 June to 31 August 2015.


Flowery Fun Times with Nusery Rhymes
22 May to 19 July
Flower Dome
More details available here

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