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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Review

Gold Coast is famous for her themeparks and glorious beaches....then there is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary if you want a little respite from the hustle and bustle that is synonymous with Gold Coast.

This was the family second visit to Currumbin. The first was a good five years ago. This time round, the park seem to be upgraded in parts. It still retains the charm of old.

Currumbin Wild Sanctuary is NOT a zoo. On our first visit, we had expected to see lots of animals as you would in a typical Australia Zoo. We had since been more informed and appreciate Currumbin Wildlife for what it is meant to be.... a sanctuary for Wildlife found in Australia since 1947.
The first animals that greeted us are the Koalas. Most of the time Koalas are sleeping. There was one or two that was awake while we were there. Compared to Paradise Country, the Koalas in Currumbin seem to be healthier judging by their lush fur.


As bear like as they look, Koalas are not bears. Instead they are marsupial similar to Wombats and Kangaroos. They are characterised as such as their babies are kept in pouch for a while after birth.
Bet that is something new you learn today.

That said, the kids could not resist a photo opportunity with the Koala ( cost extra ).

The park is split into 2 zones. We decided to take the mini train into the inner zone.
All aboard

Our first stop would be the Kangaroos enclosure. The Kangaroos are aplenty lazing in the big open space.

You can buy a packet of food to feed them at the premises. Given that was Winter, their energy level seem to be a notch lower than anticipated.

Walking around Currumbin Wildlife, there are times when you would feel that you were transported to the stone ages. This is especially so when you encounter the Water Dragons of Currumbin.
Water Dragon
Very Jurassic isn't it.

Except luckily for us, these water dragons are mostly 0.5 metres long and not 5 metres like their ancestors were.
Australia Water Dragon

The modern dinosaur like reptile , the saltwater crocodile is another tale altogether.

It packs such a bite that you will be thankful that you are not the lunch of the day.
What a bite!

A tamer native to Australia has a name that would strike a fear in most hearts.

If you ask us, the Tasmanian Devil would crush a few hearts instead.
Tasmania Devil

Other than wildlife watching you can catch shows like Air Asia Free Flight bird show at Currumbin.

On that note, birds seem to be aplenty at the park.

Don't miss the Rainbow Lorikeet feeding near the entrance if you want to get up close and personal with the birds.

There are alot more shows at Currumbin. you could catch the Australiana Sheep Shearing Show and the Aboriginal Dance Show while you are there.
Aboriginal Show
If you ask the kids what is the best part of the park, they have only one answer.

Wild Island

The Playgrounds!
Wild Island Playgrounds

There are not one but three different playgrounds at Currumbin Wildlife.

It was a shame we do not have a longer time there. Thus we only sample a few of them.

We do recommend a whole day at Currumbin Wildlife if you want the full experience in the park.

Don't forget to say hi to Blinky Bill while you are there!

If you are at Currumbin early in the morning, we recommend a morning breakfast stop at Currumbin beach. Currumbin beach is just 5 minutes away from Currumbin Wildlife. It's located at the end of the same road leading to Currumbin Wildlife.

Currumbin Wildlife
With the pristine soft sand and with the skyline of Surfer's paradise in the background, it is a good spot to have breakfast.
Currumbin Beach Vikings

Stop by Currumbin Beach Vikings for your breakfast fix.
Currumbin Beach Vikings breakfast

With a view like that , it was the perfect place to chill in the morning.
Surfing at Paradise
If you are lucky, you might even spot a wildlife or two before your trip to Currumbin wildlife sanctuary.
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The Little Details
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
28 Tomewin St, Currumbin QLD 4223, Australia

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