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Seussical the Musical Review : A Wacky Adventure

"All the thinks you can think, when you think about Suess "

The Cat in the Hat is here!

This time he brings along his motley crew of fascinating characters from the world of Dr Suess to bring you Seussical the Musical.
Who is the real Cat in the hat?
If you are expecting a direct interpretation of Dr Seuss books, this musical production is not. Instead if you let yourself go and immerse your self into the world of Dr Seuss, you will find Seussical the musical the ideal production to set your imagination wild. Seussical the Muscial is an original production that spins its tales with roots from several books of Dr Seuss such as Horton Hears a Who, Horton hatches the egg and Miss Gertrude McFuzz.

Seussical the Muscial is now showing at Esplanade Theatre. It has a grand hall that seats 1950 people. When you first walk in , you will be greeted with the distinct hat on an empty stage which hid a world of wacky and mind boggling adventure that awaits the unsuspected audience.

The Stage
Here are 4 reasons why we think Seussical the Musical was absolutely splendid.

1 Fantastic Cast
The 10 member cast was solid in terms of acting and music. Outstanding performance would no doubt be Alexander Faith as Horton the Elephant, Ellit Fizpatrick as The Cat in the Hat and Jordan Veloso as Jojo.I dare say even if you are not a bona-fide fan of Dr Seuess, you will be impress with their musical performance.

Charming, witty, energetic.


2 A Wacky Tale
An unusal story will soon be unfold,
of an Elephant trying to say a small world.
On the contrary , if you are a fan of Dr Seuss, you might find the complicated plot from different books a tad confusing. This musical challenge the way you interpret Dr Seuss books. However with a little imagination , this Wacky Tale actually worked in quirky Dr Suess fashion. The amazing thing is that the mishmash of the books actually produce an interesting and captivating story line with a heartwarming ending. Helmed by Tony Award Winners Stephen Flaherty and Lyn Ahrens and 'Monty Python's Eric Idle, this wacky tale is both endearing and quirky in its own terms.

For the record, here is a synopsis of the show

Seussical the Musical follows the adventures of Horton the Elephant who discovers a small world floating by on a tiny speck of dust. This small world is floating out of control through the universe and is the home of the Whos, including Jojo - a Who with "thinks" that defy all description. Between them they must find a way to save Who from a world of naysayers and dangers.

But Horton faces a double challenge, he's been left alone to guard an abandoned egg, abandoned by none other than Mayzie La Bird.Caught between a dust speck and his incubating egg, Horton is truly alone in the universe, but while he faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and ends up on trial, little does he know the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him.

3 The Love Story
You heard me right. Dig under the plots of the show is a love story that will soften the hardest of Critics. Horton the Elephant and Gertrude Mcfuzz is one you would never expected in a traditional sense... and it works!

4 The Cat in the Hat
The show may not centered around The fan's favourite The Cat in the Hat, but he was in almost every other scene. Ellit Fizpatrick as The Cat in the Hat did not disappoint. He had bought The Cat in the Hat into life and anchored the musical expertly.

Ellit Fizpatrick as The Cat in the Hat
"A person's a person, no matter how small"

Is Seuessical The Musical perfect for audience young and old?

If your child is age 5 and above, this musical would be great for them to have an exposure to musicals ala Les Misérables . For the younger toddlers, the tale may be a little too complex to follow. Identifying the characters on Dr Seuss's book will be a difficult feat, since Horton and Gertrude were not exactly dress in their alter ego's outfits.

The bottomline is that if you treasure imagination and enjoy a good musical with a stellar cast, don't miss the limited run of Seussical the Musical.The musical will end on 8 Nov!

This fantastic show is bought to you by ABA Productions , the company that likes to create big adventures. Visit their website for more information.
The Little Details

Seussical the Musical
Nov 6- 8
11 am & 3 pm
Esplanade Theatre

Standard: S$108, S$98, S$88, S$78, S$68Esplanade Box: S$108Premier Box A & B: S$108Box B-G: S$108Restricted View: S$58
Duration : 75 Mins

Sponsored Disclaimer 
The Wacky Duo was invited by ABA Production to review the show, all opinions are of our own and no other compensation was given.

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