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Introducing Traditional Teochew Mooncakes from Thye Moh Chan

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When the invitation came to review Thye Moh Chan Mooncakes, it was taken with a sense of nostalgia. Thye Moh Chan was my late Father-in-law favourite restaurant in Chinatown Point. The iconic Teochew confectionery is famous for their traditional Tau Sar Piah.

I must admit, I had always associated mooncake with the Cantonese style Lotus paste fillings and thick pastry crust or the icy cold snow skin variants. Having the flaky skinned mooncake is a first for the family.

Our mooncakes came in a vibrant turquoise box in a traditional design. For those who are overwhelm by the many variants of mooncake boxes in the market, a step back into a simple traditional box is refreshing. Here the mooncakes take the centerstage and not the extravagant packaging that comes with it.

There are the familar Sweet or Salty Tau Sar , enduring classics such as the double delight filled with red bean and winter melon paste.

The Sweet and Salty Tau Sar are made with mun bean paste and complemented by crunch melon seeds.  The textile is smooth and delightful to the palate. 

The Sweet and Salty Tau Sar are made with smooth mun bean paste and complemented by crunch melon seeds. While the all time best seller, the salty Tau Sar with Salted Egg Yolk makes a delightful treat with generous amount of mung bean filling with salter egg yolk.

Other variants are available such as Yuan Yang with Salted Egg Yolk and Double Delight.  New fillings are also specially prepared for this Mid-Autumn festival such as Mao Shan Wang Durian and Teochew Yam with Salted Egg flavor. Theses special Mid-Autumn flavors are limited in quantities daily and only available for purchasing at the stores.

Source : Thye Moh Chan

You should also try the all time favourite among Teochews, the Traditional Teochew Mooncake. This mooncake is made of  traditional recipe of meltose , white sesame, citrus strips and five spice powder.

Source : Thye Moh Chan
For mooncakes with a touch of traditional and unique taste, Thye Moh Chan would make a great gift to the traditionalist as well as a novel way to introduce the tradition to the young. You can get yours at the following outlets.

Singapore 238859

133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413

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