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The Stranger in the Car

The Wacky Duo
It started off like any other day .

Except today we picked a hitchhiker in Singapore. A rare phenomenon in this little red dot.

We were driving out for another outing of the day . The moment we turn out of the estate , an elderly woman stood in the middle of the road and stopped the car on the spot. Seeing that we were immobile , we rolled down the window to talk to her . She stepped forward , headed to the passenger window and asked for a ride .

She was in her 70s / 80s , looking frail . We knew we were not the first car she stopped . She probably could take a taxi or a bus to her destination, but she must have her reasons.

She wanted to head to Upper East Coast road . That was close to our intended destination . Perhaps it is God's intent , perhaps it is just pure coincidence . We invited the stranger into the car and headed to her destination

The kids were at the back seats , both wondering what is going on . Silence beckoned as the journey progressed . The kids were quiet as they do not make eye contact with their newfound company. The Missus, a more people person than me , made some small talk.

She was alone , have travelled part of her journey the same way she was doing , boarding stranger's cars . We were wondering why she had not taken public transport or why her children did not pick her. She said , she trust Singaporeans , they are a kind lot . As for her daughter , whom she is visiting, the former had a fall and was immobile . She had difficulty moving but she still had to take care of her child.

She also mentioned something about her roof was dripping and she has no money for repairs . Perhaps that explained her mode of preferred transport .

Before long we reached her destination . She had proudly stated it was a semi d bought in the 70s by her husband . Time may have passed , but the facade remains , ravaged by time . Many stories and memories must have taken place in the house. She thanked and blessed us for the trip . Silently in my heart , I thanked her for allowing us to do a good deed .

Regardless the circumstances , today's journey allowed me to share important life lessons to my children.
  • Help when you can , don't expect anything in return.
  • Don't assume that a cry for help is a bad thing.
  • Not everyone shares the same privileges , some may need help along the way.
  • A mother's love can never be challenged. The old woman by virtue of her duty to look after her daughter get her to her destination regardless.
  • Do a good deed while you can , blessings are ahead.
It may be a short ride , but it was a good one to learn life lessons .

Thank you , stranger in the car

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