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Featured on YAHOO LEGO : Building Blocks, Building Bonds

Source : Yahoo LEGO

It is an open secret that we are fans of LEGO.

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They say if you knock hard enough (and we never stop knocking), eventually the door will be open. So it was to our pleasure that LEGO heard our excessive knocking and decided to feature us in their Build Play Fun section The feature is an exclusive on Yahoo, a first for us too!

Here is the original extract of the post that was featured.

Building Blocks, Building Bonds

Building Blocks

As a parent,  I encourage LEGO play due to the educational benefits it brings to the table.
Building LEGO teaches the boys patience and perseverance. It takes time to complete a set as the toy is not immediately playable out of the box. The boys learn to separate the blocks in the same colours for a faster build. They took care to be meticulous in their build, knowing that a single mistake might require them to restart the build.

The benefits of delayed gratification were obvious. The boys would be beaming with pride upon their successful builds. They took extra care in play as these are their own handmade creations. At the end of play, they would not toss their creations around, but rather keep them in their proper spots for another day of fun.

LEGO also expand their play universe. From dreams of soaring the sky as pilots to creating their own plots and storylines, each play session is uniquely refreshing and different.  It challenges their resourcefulness and adds credits to their ‘idea bank’.

Building Bonds

Sharing the same passion with the boys is a good excuse to indulge in LEGO. Being an adult fan of LEGO, I enjoy the building process with the boys. Completing a LEGO set takes hours. During this period, our conversation revolves around small talks and big dreams. With the onslaught of electronic gadgets that steals time away from interaction, the process of building LEGO is a welcome respite to spending quality time together.

The best part of completing a LEGO build is the play session that comes thereafter. It is through play that you are allowed into the child’s world.  Showing an interest at what they like when they are younger will build the trust between a parent and child. Hopefully this will ensure a lasting relationship that will last a lifetime.

LEGO is more than just building bricks. It builds everlasting bonds too. 

For the featured article , do hop over to Build Play Fun Section on Yahoo.

The Wacky Duo was provided a set of LEGO for review

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