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Traditional Baked Mooncakes vs Snowskin Mooncakes

Mid autumn festival will be on the 15th of September. This will be the day you take out your lanterns and enjoy a slice or two mooncakes under the full moon.

Before you take the first bite of the mooncake, do you know the difference between traditional mooncakes vs snowskin mooncakes?


Here is a quick intro.

Traditional Baked Mooncakes
Traditional Mooncakes from TCC
Traditional Moon cakes are baked. They usually come in chewy , flaky or tender texture. Usually brown on the exterior, it is the more common mooncake that would be given as gifts.

TCC traditional baked mooncakes
The traditional mooncakes comes in traditional fillings such as lotus seed paste, sweet bean paste, white lotus paste, Jujube paste or 5 kernel. You can choose from having one with salted egg yolk fillings as well. There are variations from single yolk to as much as 4 yolks in the mooncake!

Traditional baked mooncakes are best eaten within a week under normal room temperature. It may not be wised to get them early as it may get mouldy before mid autumn festival.
TCC Lotus Seed Paste with generous portion of salted egg yolk

SnowSkin Mooncakes
In recent times, more exotic fillings are introduced to baked mooncakes. In some cases , due to the fillings introduced, snowskin mooncakes have risen in popularity.
TCC Snowskin mooncakes

Due to the cold nature of snowskin, it allows for a greater variety of fillings to be created. You would be able to find fillings such as durian, sesame, yam, green tea, strawberry, cranberry, chocolate and even ice cream amongst the many variation available.

Sometimes you can even find alcoholic mooncakes, such as Baileys Amore, Caramello Whiskey Truffle, Rum V Rasin and Earl Frey Kirsh.

Like those flavours?

Try them from TCC ( The Connoisseur Concerto)

Storage for Snowskin mooncakes differ from traditional baked mooncakes. It is advisable to store them in the fridge or freezer. If stored in freezer, you could actually store them for weeks compared to traditonal baked mooncakes.

It is best to thaw them in the fridge and consume 2 hours thereafter. It is not advisable to refreeze them once they are thaw.

TCC Royal Elixir mini Snowskin

Are you a baked or snowskin mooncake person?

Technically if you into a healthier version of mooncake, the snow skin version would usually have lower calories ( depending on fillings). Due to the wide choice of fillings, you can even choose a green tea mooncake to make a healthy snack.

TCC mooncakes

Planning on getting mooncakes as a gift and swamped by the numerous choice available?

You might want to try the mooncakes from TCC.  TCC has both the classic baked mooncakes or snowskin variety. The classic bake come with the melon seeds or the generous egg yolk blend version. As for the snowskin version, try the non alcoholic version such as Creme De Oreo or Choco Hazelnut. Alcoholic version such as Caramella Whiskey Truffle is available to go with your glass of wine.

To top it off, it is packaged in a beautiful luxurious bag. Choose from various colours . Our personal favourite is the tiffany green version that oozes a sophisticated touch. Whichever version of mooncake you choose, it would not disappoint!

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The Wacky Duo was given TCC mooncakes to sample. All opinions are of our own.

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