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Lego Minifigures Series 16 : Feel Guide

The Wacky Duo
Lego Minifigures Series 16 has landed in Singapore. Come and take a peek at how they look like.

I know I had stopped buying LEGO for investment, but that does not stop me from buying LEGO for fun. The fact was I had actually came across a brand new opened box in the store with all the series 16 minifigures available. For those collecting LEGO minifigures in Singapore, you would know getting a full set from one box is more of a rarity than the norm.  Given that I had an addiction to identifying LEGO in a sealed blind bag, it was hard to resist the urge to feel them all!

Truth be told, I do not collect the normal minifigure series. I prefer theme sets such as Simpsons 1 , Simpsons 2, LEGO Movie , LEGO Monsters  and LEGO Disneyland. The LEGO minifigures series is nice, but being unable to collect the earlier series, it seems odd to start from series 16.
Say Cheese!
However, since I have a penchant for photography and I find photographing LEGO therapeutic,why not do a quick feel guide if I can get my hands on a full set?

So if you have the chance to have a brand new box to feel, here is a quick guide to source out 16 minifigures from a box of 60 in under 20 minutes!

LEGO Ice Queen

The Ice queen reminds me of the Snow Queen from movie - The Huntsman : Winter's War. She can be useful if you are intending to collect movie theme related LEGO minifigures.

Feel Guide
It is the only minifigure that wears a dress in this series. Just feel for the triangular piece below and you got the Ice Queen.

LEGO Desert Warrior

This is no Arabian warrior but it can be easily mistaken as one. Officially he is known as the Desert warrior. Looking fierce and menacing, he is a possible army builder minifigure.

Feel Guide
Go for the sabre. Do be careful not to be mistaken with the trophy from the Dog Show winner.

3 Cyborg
LEGO Cyborg

LEGO always like to include a sci-fi character in the minifigure series. The Cyborg is a female minifigure that would not look out of place in a Star Trek show.

Feel Guide
The armour and the double cylinder shape gun for confirmation.


For obvious reason, this should be part of Series 14, or otherwise known as the LEGO minifigures monster Series. Manchester United fans would go ga-ga over since as it represents the mascot of the club, the red devil.

 Love the cheeky grin.

Feel Guide
The pitchfork and wings are good indication that you got the little devil!

LEGO Spooky Boy
If you are holding on to LEGO Spooky girl from Series 12, you would need the spooky boy. He looks sad here without his other half!

Feel Guide
The rectangle book and spider make this an easy find.

LEGO Hiker
The LEGO Hiker comes with a unique backpack. He has 2 expressions on his face. One is happy and the other looks lost!

Feel Guide
The backpack is easy to feel. Look for the square map to confir.

LEGO Wildlife Photographer

I am not so sure if a camera would make one a wildlife photographer, but the mini penguin is a cute addition.

Feel Guide
The Penguin , headpiece and camera are good indications you got the photographer. I would feel for the camera and the one round stud to confirm

LEGO Kickboxer
This is not a  boxer but one mean looking woman muay thai boxer. Don't mess with her!

Feel Guide
The hairpiece with the ponytail is easy to identify. If you are really really really unsure, feel for the gloves and helmet to confirm ( Not really necessary Imho)


I would bet 9 out of 10 people would not know what Scallywag means. I was one of them. 

From Google Scallywag:  a person, typically a child, who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way; a rascal.  

Not quite sure if this fits the bill here.

Feel Guide
The thin sword and square map for confirmation

LEGO Penguin Boy
So cute, so cute!

Probably one of the reasons why it is difficult to find one. If you like to collect the LEGO animal minifigures , this is a must have. As there are only 3 in the box, good luck finding it!

Feel Guide
The hands are an easy feel. You can feel the skates for confirmation

LEGO Rouge
The first thing that comes to my mind when I saw this was Green Arrow from DC. LEGO has its own Green Arrow, but since this is green and has an arrow and bow, you could always use it as a substitute if you are playing LEGO DC.

Feel Guide
What else but the bow and arrow? The quiver is helpful too.

LEGO Dog Show Winner
Fancy a LEGO dog but do not know where to get one. Here is it!

Feel Guide
The trophy... period.

Lego Marichi
Ole! I wonder if the Marichi and the Taco Man from LEGO Movies Minifigures series are related...

Feel Guide
One of the easier ones to feel with the hat and guitar.

 14 SPY
Lego Spy
Ever wanted to get Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible? 

The Spy comes real close to replicate TC from MI ( Speaking in codes here.... Spy, codes , get it?)

Feel Guide
The Visor and the Rope are good enough for you to crack the code.

LEGO Banana Man
Not exactly Banana in Pajamas, but this comes close. This would undoubtedly be one of the more popular pieces in the set. It may come in 5 per box, but I can guarantee that you would find it hard to get one in the store. Together with Hotdog man from Series 15 , this could be the start of a food-related theme in minifigures collection.

For those who miss out on the animal minifigures, this might be a cheaper alternative to collect unique minifigures as there are only 2 food related minifigures ( Hotdog Man and Banana Man)

Next guess for food related minifigure -  the Ice Cream man?

Feel Guide
Just feel for the super big banana piece. You would not miss it if you can find it!

LEGO BabySitter
Last but not least is the babysitter. Most collectors would get this just for the baby!

Feel Guide
The baby body sans head and the milk bottle.

For those collecting minifigures, we all know that not all minifigures are created equal. From recent trips to shops, the hottest minifigures in Singapore are the Penguin, Ice Queen, Banana Man and Cute Little Devil. If you have spares for those and miss out on earlier 'rare' minifigures, they can make a decent trade!

Here is the distribution guide to assessing the rarity of the minifigures.

5 Banana Man
5 Desert Man
5 Spy

4 Mariachi
4 Cute Little Devil
4 Hiker
4 Rouge
4 Dog Snow Winner
4 Spooky Boy

3 Baby Sitter
3 Scallywag Pirate
3 Cyborg
3 Ice Queen
3 Penguin Boy
3 Kickboxer
3 Wildlife Photographer

How to get the full set huh?

1 Go the traditional touch and feel route
The thrill of getting the full set on your own is the search for it. However, with the ever-growing popularity of LEGO, this might be a tough route to take as the popular pieces will often 'disappear' very quickly if open. The best stores to get are at the LEGO certified stores and Toys R us. You could even get a discount off the $5.50 price if you have membership in LEGO certified stores.

2 Go get a set at reasonable price at Carousell
There are good buys from Carousell. If you get it early, you still can get a decent set at fair value. Since the retail price is $5.5 a piece, you are paying close to retail price. Do get it earlier as price tends to appreciate after a few weeks. Getting from Carousell also save you the numerous trips (and travel expenses) you would otherwise have made in your hunt for the minifigures. Fair value : $88

3 Get a full Box
No time to feel, get a full box too. Share or sell the rest of the sets separately .  Depending on your sale technique and patience, you might be able to get a full set similar to retail prices. Full boxes are available at LCS ( Lego Certified Stores) and you probably can get a 10% discount if you are a member.

Happy Hunting!

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