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10 Reasons why you should not upgrade to iPhone X

The iPhone X had landed on our shores for about a week. Does it live up to the hype?

If you are reading this, you probably are sitting on the fence on getting the latest iPhone. Maybe you have already ordered one and want to read the reviews before getting the actual unit. During this one week of acquaintance, I discovered a few quirks in iPhone X that could be a dealbreaker for users.

 In honesty, not all upgrades are good for the users. If you are holding on to the iPhone Plus Series (6,6s,7 and 8), do read this before taking the plunge to iPhone X.
Should I upgrade?
These 10 reasons might be the deciding factors you need to make a wise decision

1) Screen Size
iPhone X - biggest iPhone screen?
iPhone X has a screen size of 5.8 inches diagonally vs 5,5 inches on the iPhone Plus series. With an almost bezel-less display, it would imply that the iPhone X has a bigger screen size in comparison.
The screen is actually bigger in the Plus series

Sorry to burst your bubble, diagonal screen size might be bigger, but the iPhone X display is taller BUT slimmer. If you compared it will the wider iPhone Plus, it will have a smaller screen surface. Instead of bigger pictures, you might find it a tight squeeze. In reality, the total surface area only slightly edges past the iPhone 8. In reality, it is much more comfortable to read on the iPhone Plus series.
Smaller Screen on Youtube
If you are a youtube fan, the iPhone X will give you a smaller screen due to the 2 black ugly strips on both sides of the video. You can enlarge it, but the screen will be cropped and the notch will partially block your screen. Technically iPhone X has an 18.5:9 aspect vs youtube videos ( and all other videos) aspect of 16:9. If you view it 'normally' the effective screen size is only 4.96 screen!

Conclusion, the specs looks good on paper but not in real life.

2) The Notch
The infamous notch

Speaking about the notch, it does have its detractors. The notch might house a great camera and other sensors that gave the iPhone X Face ID capabilities, but it does distort a full-screen video or photo. The alternative is to scale down the video, meaning you will have less screen estate and one that equates to iPhone 8. Given the height of the iPhone X, they should have just made it a straight strip instead of a notch... no wait, that would mean it will have a small diagonal screen compared to iPhone X. Marketing probably won over design when it comes to the debate on the notch.

For people with OCD, this will be a major issue.

3) OLED not exactly brighter
iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus
The OLED screen is touted to be sharper and brighter. As can be seen in the above picture, the text are easier to read on the iPhone X. As for brighter, it is subjective. With Truetone on, it gives a dull yellowish tint to photos. When compared with the iPhone 7plus screen, it would seem the latter is brighter and more vibrant.

Possible solutions to this issue- Turn off TrueTone, adjust the hue or stay with the Plus Series

4) Face ID Issues
Face ID unlocks the phone

The next big thing in iPhone X is the Face ID. This is a double edge sword function. On the one hand, it is cool to unlock your phone with a look. On the other hand, it does not always work. The failure rate is about 2 out of 10 times for my normal use. Apple stated that it gets better over time, however, if you are the impatient type, this will irk you.

We had read that sometimes twins can unlock each other's phone. Strike this off the Twin's list for Christmas if this is true.
What? Face not recognised??

5) No Home Button - I want to touch ID!
Use Touch ID?
The home button is gone!

Some Apps still uses touch ID. Some banks apps fail to work with Face ID. It will probably be upgraded in a matter of time. If you cannot wait, this phone is not for you. Typing in login and password can be quite a chore especially when you are used to the reliable touch ID.
Another impact of the missing home button is that you need to relearn new ways to execute some functions ( such as calling up the home page or talking to SIRI). Some are easy to learn, while other functions need more work to get the job done ( More on this later). Your thumb will be doing a lot more exercise with swiping rather than a simple press. If you are a heavy user, it will be a chore.

Examples of non-intuitive experience as a result of the missing home button
  • Downloading the app - Double click the sleep/wake button to confirm download
  • Opening the screen - Swipe up

In fact, you might need a whole new manual just to re-learn the functions. The Mac Observer has a good post that will help.

Source: The Mac Observer

6) Apps have not been optimized to maximize use in iPhone X
Screens are cut off

Take the above example, the app has cut off the screen with a strip on top and bottom vs a full screen on iPhone Plus series. You end up with a smaller usable screen when you compared them side by side.

Where are my reading glasses?

7) How much battery left?
Battery Life is hidden
Due to the notch and lack of screen estate, battery life is no longer present on the main screen.
Spot the difference

You can still view it under notification screen, but that would mean another additional swipe. A step backwards in our point of view.
Notification centre
8) Closing apps with 2 hands ( at least for right-handed)
Closing App on iPhone X

The closing app is a chore now compared to iPhone Plus. Previously, you just hit the home button and swipe (2 steps). Now you pull your finger up and hold to bring up the tabs, next you press the top to bring up the closing icons, follow by pressing the close icon on each screen to close. Oh, did I mention you need to use 2 hands if you are holding the phone with your right hand?

I am already tired by typing the above steps. Imagine if I had to do it every day!

9) Animoji limited to iMessage

A fun feature added to iPhone X. Animoji provide a breakthrough technology called TrueDepth to create an animoji that is a mirror image of yourself. It is exclusive to iPhone X

However, you can only use it on iMessage. You cannot send this to your Android buddies so you might not even use it at the end of the day. Fun but probably one of the least use function in iPhone X

10) iPhone 8 Plus may be a wiser option

iPhone 8 Plus houses the same fast processor A11 Bionic SoC. The camera are slightly slower than iPhone X(telephone f2.8 vs f2.4) but much better than the rest of the iPhone series. The wide lens provides an aperture of f1.8, which is similar to the iPhone X. Other features such as 4K up to 60 fps, as well as slow-mo at 240 fps are the same. It also retains the LED screens of previous iPhone renditions that do not have the yellow tint issue.

Portrait mode with special light effects are available on both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. Both models come with wireless charging. The only software difference is that it does not have the unproven face ID and Animoji. If you want a bigger screen and a proven technology, iPhone 8 plus is the better choice. Plus, you save your beloved thumb from all the swiping!

Stage Light - Portrait Mode

Furthermore, you save $348 ( $1888 iPhone X 256gb vs $1548 iPhone 8 Plus 256gb ) which you can splurge on covers and wireless charging mats. Oh in case you still want the iPhone X, get it covered up the moment you get it. Since it is made of glass, a drop may crack it. Repair cost for replacing the glass cost a whopping US549. It is time to really consider Apple Care+ when you purchase the phone.

iPhone model Screen repair only Other damage
iPhone X $ 279 $ 549
iPhone 8 Plus $ 169 $ 399
iPhone 8  $ 149 $ 349
iPhone 7 Plus $ 169 $ 349
iPhone 7 $ 149 $ 319
iPhone 6s Plus

$ 169 $ 329
iPhone 6s $ 149 $ 299
iPhone 6 Plus $ 149 $ 329

Source: Apple

There you have it, 10 reasons not to upgrade to iPhone X. But hey if you want a faster processor, better camera, the latest technology and not to mention bragging rights. Go ahead and add to Apple 268.9 Billion cash reserve.

Disclosure: I had bought into the hype and I wish I had read this article I wrote before committing the purchase.

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