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Those were the Days : The Happy School @ Changi Airport Terminal 4

Remember the good old days?

If you are an oldie like me, you would remember the days of wooden tables and chairs in the school classroom. I remember the games we play more than the subjects we learn during the good old days. If you are feeling nostalgic, head to Changi Airport T4 to relive your childhood in the 'Those Were the Days' school holidays special ( From 5 March to 1 April)

5 Games you can play at The Happy School
If old school games are your forte instead of tablets, here are 5 games you can play with your children at Changi Airport T5.

Five Stones
Five Stones
Who does not know Five Stones? This is a game that tests your hand-eye coordination. Forget about the smartphone or console games... this is the game where kids first learn to perfect their psychomotor skills.

Pick up Sticks
Challenge your steadiness with Pick up sticks. Once you master it, you can even dream about being a surgeon where steadiness is key to a successful surgery.

Colour Singa

Unleash the artist in your child with this colouring activity.

Make Paper Plane

The old school way to train engineers.... build a paper plane!


Time to get physical with Hopscotch!

Event Details

The old school games are held every Saturday and Sunday between 12-2 pm.
Besides, visitors will also get to see various performances during this time.

More information can be found here.

Free Limited Edition Premiums

Take home a memory of the past with a minimum of $60 spend at the pubic area, $80 on iShopChangi or $100 at Transit Area, in a single receipt.

You can receive a complimentary Terminal 4 exclusive premium Choose from the following

  • Prosperity Rooster Travel Adaptor
  • Dragon Playground Travel Adaptor
  • Oriental Red 2 in 1 Cushion Blanket
  • Jade Blue 2 in 1 Cushion Blanket

Our personal favourite... the Dragon Playground Travel Adaptor, so you can take a part of Singapore with you wherever you travel.

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Those were the days can be found in Terminal 4 Departure Hall Level 2, near Check-in Row 7 (10am-11pm daily). Another booth is in Terminal 4 Departure Transit, Level 2, in front of Gassan Watches (24 hours)


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