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Cold Storage Kids Run 2018 : Run Wackies run

Cold Storage Kids run is back!

It's the 11th edition of Cold Storage Kids Run. After our experience in Cold Storage Kids Run back in 2015, we decided to pick up our running shoes at have another go it.

This year, the Cold Storage Kids Run was held at Palawan Beach Sentosa. As before , there are fun activities for kids to enjoy pre and post race. Since this was the first time we did a run in Sentosa, we underestimated the crowd. We were at Sentosa 50 minutes before the run but were stuck in a jam that lasted from Sentosa entrance to Beach Station carpark.

Tip :  if you are heading to a run at Sentosa Palawan in the future, either be there early or park at  Vivocity or RWS to take the monorail in ( we did just that after failing to find a lot at Palawan Beach)

Somehow , we managed to make it in time for the last batch of the  Fruity Family Fun run. It was only 800 m , but at least we could run together as a family.

800m might be short, but it was a good way to get the little lazy bums off the couch for some exercise.

See our race experience here!

We completed the run hoping to get our medals at the end of the race. Things did not plan out the way it was supposed to be. The medals ran out for the event due to an administrative hiccup. The medals were meant for kids, but somehow they were given away to parents too, leaving the last batch of runners empty handed.

Dad was disappointed given the effort we made to rush to the event.  As for us, we just enjoyed each other company and glad that we made it to the end of the race, medals or no medals.
RunFor those who are affected, you can write in to the organizers at with you bib number for it to be sent to you. Maybe take a cue from and bring your kids out for another run in the park and award them the medals when they are done.

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