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Toytag : The Ultimate Online Toys Store in Singapore

Guess where is the best place to get the latest toys in town?

Nope, it is not your neighbourhood mall but at ToyTag: Singapore 's online toy store that sells the most amazing toys and games. It is listed as one of the Top Educational Toy Store in Singapore. If you are looking for the latest tech toys for kids or the best family games, Toy Tag is the place to go for the unique and amazing toys. They have over hundreds of toys listed and we think these 5 toys could be your child next birthday or Christmas present.

We kick off the list with the Sphero. The Sphero was kindly sponsored by Toytag for this review.

The Toy: Sphero SPRK+ $176.64

How to Play it?

Inspire curiosity, creativity and invention through connected play and coding. The children of today never seem to be far from a smartphone or device. Use that to power up this mini robot through the Lightning Lab app.

We had a unit for review and this is what we think about it.

The set up for play is pretty easy. Download the Sphero Edu app, connect it to the Sphero Sprk + using the app and Bluetooth and you are good to go.

There are a few options you can choose to play the Sphero Spk+

1) Create your own program codes
You can create your own instructions for the Sphero Sprk + with the easy to use program. Get it to move in any way you want. Press the start button when ready and see it move like magic.

There are basic movements and more advanced programming that include lights and sounds, what if commands and several other codes that you can add to customise your own program. These functions are great for kids who are new to coding or those advance in knowledge.

2) Use the Drive Mode

In this mode, you simply move the Sphero Sprk + around using the App. This means younger children can simply pick this up and move. It is great for a race around the room

3) Use the activities codes on the app

There are step by step instructions on the app for activities such as a maze run, writing with the Sphero Sprk+, turn your Sprk+ to a mini chariot and more. Explore these free activities to enhance the playing experiences on the app.

Why we like it?
It is an addictive and challenging toy. Not only does it provide hours of fun, but it also challenges your little minds too. Great for an educational toy.

The Toy: Klask: The Magnetic Game of Skill $84.02

How to Play it?

Fun Magnetic fame where players challenge each other in a battle. It's like football with magnets.

Why we like it?
It's a fun party game for both young and old. Going old school without gadgets have their own set of fun too!

The Toy: 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen $139.25

How to Play it?

A Kickstarter creation, it is now available for sale at Toy Tag. It is not exactly a toy, but you could create your own town with this compact and easy to use 3D printing pen. Watch your imagination come to life with this magical tool. The 3Doodker extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid stable structure to form your creation.

Why we like it?

Make your own toy, why not?
Great for kids to see what they can create with their imagination.

The Toy: Bounce-Off  $27.94

How to play it?
It's a simple game that promises tons of fun. Pick a card, take turns and bounce. Create the same pattern on the card to win.

Why we like it?
It is a game that allows you to tag-team against another. Creates a healthy competitive at home and get everyone on their toes.

The Toy: Loop De Loop $140.19

How to play it?
Build your own structure and watch marbles go round and round. Includes 10 power-boosting accelerators that would speed up the play.

Why we like it?
It is a  mesmerizing toy for everyone. You probably can sit there all day and watch the marble show. Great for instilling patience in a child.

Get all the toys at Toytag. With a wide array of choices, you will sure to find one that fits your child. If you want to check it out before you buy, Toytag has a physical shop in Singapore at 1 Maritime Square, #03-58 HarbourFront Centre, Singapore, Singapore 099253

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