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Wacky Singapore Moments - May 2018

Welcome back to another edition of Wacky Singapore Moments.

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We are collating the wackiest stories in Singapore for May. Here are our top picks

The Legend of Singapore Mermaid
Or how one not so Magnificent 7 used her unauthorised videos to create a winning entry for a competition.

The Magnificent 7 is one hell of a group. This is what they had done
-Stole unauthorised videos to make their 'own' video ( Plagiarism)
- Filmed an interview with a fake Syrena to add to the 'authenticity' of the video
- Win $7000 as a result of their 'hard work'

Shameless cut and paste exercise just to win a competition. The interview part was totally unbelievable!

The real Syrena is the one above. The one in the video is FAKE!
Source: Syrena Facebook

Goodbye Bishan Otter Dad
Tribute to an iconic Dad

After Inuka, Singapore lost another one of its icons in the animal kingdom. This time around, it is the fearless Bishan Otter Dad that bought his clan to Marina Bay and claim it for the family. Once a fearless warrior, it succumbed into sickness.

Watch the above video to see its glory days

Here is a look at the Bishan Otters enjoying their breakfast at Marina Bay.
The last minutes of his death were also captured.
Viewer discretion: Some scene may be disturbing in nature.
Video Source: Overwatch

'Mankey' Spotted
Alert - Mankey escaped from zoo found at St James Power Station.

Lasted spotted jumping on moving car. Known to be aggressive in nature.

Video source: Stomp
Latest update: Mankee  (Chee Chu Siong) is caught!

Mr Socko
Impersonating a Daddy Blogger just to get Free Socks

This is a new one. Either the person is astute or he is very desperate to get a new pair of socks. Either way, pretending to be a Daddy Blogger ( Cheekiemonkies) by promising reviews for Free Socks sounds very wacky to us.

The Donald and Kim No Show
Singapore almost became the most dangerous place on earth.

All the world's a stage and all men and women are merely players...

This time our tiny red dot will be set alight with the meeting of the 2 most interesting world leaders of today. What seems like a surreal dream would become reality on June 12 when Donald Trump arrives in town to meet with Kim Jung On. Will this be the wackiest moment of the year?

Alas, it was not meant to be. The Rocket Man and the Orange one had a playground squabble before the meeting and it was cancelled by the latter. Oh wait... the next day, the Orange one says it might be on again.

This one has all the makings of a Korean Drama...

Anger Management
A lesson in Anger Management

(Source: Mothership Facebook)
This audio clip of entertainment lawyer Samuel Seow berating and pushing his staff has been making the rounds on the internet. It may be just an audio recording but from the tone, you can make out the anger within. Anger management is a must in this case.

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