Klook Promotion codes : Oct 2018

October is the perfect time to start planning for the year end holiday.

Want to know how we plan our holidays?

Our holidays are mostly self guided. For activities in the cities , we would look for reviews and book our activities through Klook. The benefits of booking through Klook are worth it.

1 Cheaper rates than getting tickets at the door

2 Online confirmation , so you have your tickets ready pre trip

3 Promotions that gives you added discount.

For the month of October, Klook will be having its biggest year end sale. Get $50 off with the code YESWAY50 for purchase above $500 through the app. If you are booking through the website, get $25 off with the code YESWAY25 .

You can make your booking through this link

If you are planning a holiday for the family, do check our our holiday guides to popular family destination plan with Klook .


Hong Kong

Osaka  Family Vacation : One Week  Itinerary

Universal Studios Japan

Happy Holidays!

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