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Klook Promotion codes : Oct 2018

October is the perfect time to start planning for the year-end holiday.

Want to know how we plan our holidays?

Our holidays are mostly self-guided. For activities in the cities, we would look for reviews and book our activities through Klook. The benefits of booking through Klook are worth it.

1 Cheaper rates than getting tickets at the door

2 Online confirmation, so you have your tickets ready pre-trip

3 Promotions that gives you an added the discount.

For the month of October, Klook will be having its biggest year-end sale. Get $50 off with the code YESWAY50 for purchase above $500 through the app. If you are booking through the website, get $25 off with the code YESWAY25 .

You can make your booking through this link

If you are planning a holiday for the family, do check our holiday guides to popular family destination plan with Klook.


Hong Kong

Osaka  Family Vacation: One Week  Itinerary

Universal Studios Japan

Happy Holidays!

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