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Superpark Singapore Review : Full Guide to all Activities

Superpark opens its doors in Singapore!

It had been a while since we had visited indoor playgrounds. One of the reasons is that we had outgrown the usual indoor activities of slides and climbing structure. We had almost written off the indoor playground, but a visit to Superpark Singapore @ Suntec City change all that perception.

The all in one activity park from Finland opens its first SE Asia outlet in Singapore. Billed as a one-stop activity hub for both children and adults, it was founded in 2012 with over 13 Superparks in Finland and international operations in Hong Kong, Sweden and China. This is the perfect spot for a family day out. There are over 20 activities you can play during your visit.
Superpark Singapore
Superpark is located at the North Tower , Suntec City. This 40,000 sq feet playground is the largest play area in town. There are 3 distinctive areas of play. Adventure area, game arena and freestyle halls are spread over 2 floors in Suntec City. Don't be fooled by the small set up on the 2nd floor. The 1st floor is where you would be awed with the size and number of activities.

Check out our video here

Here is a full list of activities you can do at Superpark Singapore ( including activities not listed on Superpark Website)

Adventure Area

This area is made for children, but adults can join in the fun too!
The adventure area host activities such as obstacle walls, zip wires, slides, pedal play areas, an adventure city, tube rides and more!

Flying Fox (2nd Flr)
Hold on tight and zip down the line!

The speed is relatively slow, so it is perfect for all.

Pedal Car Track (2nd Flr)
Pedal Track @ Superpark Sg
Use your leg power ala Flintstones for a friendly competition around the track. It's great for adults and kids.
Let's race!

Sliding Mountains (2nd Flr)
Sliding Mountain @ Superpark Sg
Scramble up the mountain and slide down. Repeat that over and over again. This area is more for the little ones.
Climb and Slide
Kids Gym (2nd Flr)
Kid's Gym
This area is for the smaller kids (under 100cm). There are an obstacle course, climbing walls and a ball pit.
Kids Gym Wall Climb

Ninja Track (1st Flr)
Ninja Track @ Superpark Sg
Fan of Ninja Warrior? You would love this mini obstacle course made for kids.
Ninja Warrior

Flying Fox (1st Flr)
Hold on tight and zip down the line!

Zip down the ling. The speed is relatively slow, so it is good for all ages.

Tube Slide (1st Flr)
Tube Slide
Drag your tube up and slide all the way down on tubes. No need to head to the hills for this activity!
Tube Slide @ Superpark Sg

Kids Adventure City (1st Flr)
Kids Adventure City

Climbing equipment, towers and slides. This is a mini-city for kids.

Kids Freestyle area (1st Flr)
Kids Freestyle Area
Trampoline, Foam pits and wall climb. It's one at a time so kids are safe from hormone raging teens and adults.
Rock climb
Game Arena
Superpark's game arena is for the sports fans. Hone your dunks at Street Basketball, have a swing at baseball, beat the Robokepper and more!

Superball (2nd Flr)

Dodge ball with a twist. Aim not for your opponents but the board behind them, Score as many points as you can in one minute.

Superbowling (2nd Flr)
Super Bowling @ Superpark Sg
Bowling with basketballs. Score as many 'strikes' as you can. Not as easy as it looks

Superpinball (1st Flr)
Superpinball @ Superpark SG
Pinball with football. Show off your footie skills here.
Footie Pinball

Superhoop (1st Flr)
Super Hoop @ Superpark Sg
Score as many hoops as you can within a minute. Harder than it looks!
Super Hoop @ Superpark Sg
Baseball (1st Flr)
Step into the batting cage and test your ball hitting skills. This one's a tough cookie. Activity is suited for participants age 10 and 140 cm tall.

Robokeeper (1st Flr)
This keep could replace David De Gea without a problem. Not easy to get one past him. Tip - Aim for the top corners

Street Basketball (1st Flr)
Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James vs Michael Jordan. One minute one on one or team play. See who scores more

Hotstepper (1st Flr)
Hotstepper @ Superpark Sg

Here comes the hot stepper. Keep up with the ever-increasing pace while stepping on the pedals in the right order. Can you outdance your partner?

Clip 'N' Climb wall (1st Flr) 
Wall Climb
Who is the best climber in the group?
Have a go at the wall climb for bigger kids and adults and see who is the fastest on this futuristic wall.

Table Games (2nd Flr)
Foosball @ Superpark
Have a game of Foosball or Air Hockey. Play all you want

Air Hockey

Freestyle Hall
No rules to follow, just freestyle on your own. From Skate and Scoot World, the trampolines, the climbing walls and the gymnastics floor, you are free to express yourself.

Trampoline Platform (1st Flr)
Scale the Wall

Show off your acrobatic skills. Somersault into the pit or jump up to the wall. There is also an interactive game for jumpers as well as a mini rock climbing wall

iWall (2nd Flr)
iWall @ Superpark Sg
Parkour around the city or do a virtual tai chi with this digital wall that mimics your action

Skate and Scoot World (1st Flr)
Skate and Skoot Worl
Skaters and Scooters alert. You can now do your flips in this huge indoor rink!

Augmented Climbing Wall (1st Flr)
Augmented Climbing Wall @ Superpark Sg
Climbing Wall with a twist. It is an interactive wall climbing experience

Gymnastic Area (1st Flr)

Stretch, strike a post or simply go through the hurdles. This is freestyle gymnastic and anything goes.


There are complimentary lockers to store your belongings. Shoe racks are provided too.

You unlock the lockers using your wristband. How cool is that?
Party Rooms @ Superpark

We also spotted party rooms on site. You can book one of the rooms for birthday celebrations too.


Source: Superpark

Prices start from $22 onwards depending on the day and time you would like to go. The Regular Ticket are from Monday to Friday except for public holidays and school holidays. The Super Day Tickets are for Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays and School Holidays. Prices are the same for adults and children.
Socks are needed for the playground
You would need to top up an additional $3 for SuperPark grip socks ( $3) if you do not have one.


This is not your ordinary playground. The best part is that adults get to join in the fun too. There are no cafes for parents to sit and watch the children. Everyone gets to play.

It would make a great family day out for everyone. If you are looking to unwind. Superpark Singapore would be the perfect place to do so. Given the number of activities and the wide range of age it caters too, we dare say that this is the best playground in Singapore!

Park Info

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Tower 1, #02-477 (North Wing)
Singapore 038989

Monday-Friday 10am-9pm
Sat, Sun and Public Holidays 9am-9pm

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