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Los Angeles to Las Vegas Road Trip - Where to stop?

The route from LA to Vegas is about 280 miles long, and a 4 h 30 mins drive without traffic and stopover.
To most locals, a trip from LA to Vegas is akin to a coming of age. For the tourist, it will be living the American Dream. You can rent a car for this purposes.

This is one road trip for a tourist exploring California that will be high on the list. Driving through the desert might be interesting for the first few minutes, but when the landscape looks the same, your might will start to wander and concentration stifle.

200 miles of desert

The usual route most take from LA to Vegas would be via the i-5. Thankfully, there are worthy pitstops to bring the monotonous ride along the way.

The Outlets at Barstow
Source: Google Map

If you like to shop, make this your first stop. There are 2 other factory outlets along the route, so you might want to pace yourself. It might be a better idea to save this for the return trip.

Peggy Sue's 50 Diner
Source: Google Map

Have your breakfast or lunch at this retro Peggy Sue's 50 Diner.
Peggy Sue's

Step inside, and you will be transported to the 50s. An array of movie and music memorabilia. It is a fun stop and great for families. There are dinosaurs outside the restaurant too.
Peggy Sue's

50s Interior
Blast to the past
Wizard of OZ

Love me Tender
Look who's serving

Valet Available

Blues Brothers

What's on the Menu

Bacon and Eggs
Route 66

Food was affordable, and they served good breakfast and pies.

Eddie World
Source: Google Map

Further up is Eddie World. When you spot the large Sundae, you know you have reach Eddie World
Eddie World

Here you can top up your gas as well as shop for groceries. It is recommended that you pick up a couple of gallons of water. Hotels in Las Vegas do not provide water, and there is no kettle to boil water. This is a good stop for clean washrooms too.

The World's Tallest Thermometer
Source: Google Map

Next on the would-be The World's Tallest Thermometer. There is not much you can do here save for gas.
World Tallest Thermometer

Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas @ Primm
Source: Google Map

Close to Vegas is the 2nd outlet mall. This is probably the smallest outlet mall compared to the other two. You might want to skip this and head to the one closest to Vegas.

One thing to note is that the highway Patrol is active on the stretch of road from Primm to St Rose Parkway. So watch your speed!
Fashion Outlets

Seven Magic Mountains
Source : Google Map

The Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation by Ugo Rondinone. This large-scale public artwork features seven 30-35 foot high dayglow totems.

It is a much stop for all Vegas travellers. Blast the music from Doors along the way, and you might feel a little trippy when you reach there.

Las Vegas South  Premium Outlet
Source: Google Map

A short distance away is the Las Vegas South Premium Outlet. Of the three outlet malls located on the route.  This would be the most extensive and most comprehensive. There is a bigger alternative at North Las Vegas, but this should cover most needs. It is indoor, so you get air conditioning too to escape from the desert heat.
Las Vegas Premium Mall

Las Vegas Sign

You know you must reach Vegas when you see the Las Vegas Sign. By now, you would have completed your road trip from LA.

Welcome to Las Vegas!


  • Leave early to avoid traffic, especially on the weekend
  • Make a stop for gas if needed
  • Top up on Water
  • Allocate time for pitstops
  • Do not speed past Primm. Cops are on standby to catch speedsters

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