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Goodbye 2018 , Hello 2019 - Top 10 posts for 2018

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all our readers who made 2018 special for us.  The year zoom by in a flash as we experienced the ups and down in life. From an unexpected illness of a love one to a difficult career decision, 2018 had been a tough ride for us. Nonetheless, there were positives along with the negatives. For one, we grew stronger as a family and appreciate the little things we have in life. That includes having the company of our readers and the support of sponsors that kept this humble blog alive.

As we welcome the new year, we take a look back at our top 10 most popular post of the year. They are on the list because of you , the readers, who took time off to indulge in our website. Thank you for staying with us and we look forward to see you in the new year ahead!

1 Osaka 8 Days Family Itinerary

In 2018, we  morphed into travel bloggers . Our travel posts had tremendous support from our readers. The stand out post of the year would be our 8 days family itinerary in Osaka. The reason for this post was to document our adventures in Osaka. We found that there is a lack of detailed post on self plan holidays on the internet and had strife to share our itineraries for the trips we had taken. It was a delight to relive our trip via the post.

Read about it at Osaka 8 Days Family Itinerary

2 Kyoto Day Trip Itinerary

It was no surprise that our Kyoto day trip garnered as much interest as the Osaka post. Given that most tourists to Osaka would try to visit Kyoto during their holiday, we reckon a day trip itinerary would be useful.

Read about it at Kyoto Day Trip Experience

350 Free Activities in Singapore for families

It was not all about our overseas ventures that pique readers' interest. Our list of well researched 50 free activities in Singapore garnered quite a good following too. Whenever you run our of things to do in Singapore, simply use this guide to plan your family outing

Read about it at  50 Free Activities in Singapore for families

4 Osaka Amazing Pass
Another Osaka related post. This time round we review the Osaka Amazing Pass and saved almost 50% on expenses for Osaka attractions. Worth it!

Read about it at Osaka Amazing Pass

5 Sydney Self Drive Holidays

Our mid year break took us to Sydney and beyond. We are fans of self drive adventures. This time we hit the roads of Sydney, Blue Mountains and Port Stephens.

Read about it at Self Drive Sydney- Blue Mountains - Port Stephens

6 Nara Day Trip Itinerary

Osaka is a great base for day trips in neighboring cities. This time we head to Nara to visit the famed dears.

Read about it at Nara Day Trip

7 Funfest @  Sentosa

There must be a lot of We Dare Bears fans in Singapore. So much so our FunFest @ Sentosa became one of our top 10 post for 2018. Check out all the rides there!

Read about it at Funfest@ Sentosa

8 Club Med Cherating A to Z Guide

Thanks to Club Med, we had a great weekend in Cherating. This also marked the biggest giveaway we have for the year.... an all paid expenses for a family of 4 to Club Med. A worthy reward to our readers.

Read all about it at Club Med Cherating A-Z Guide

9 Art Zoo Review

Zoo in the city sounds like fun... especially if you add a dozen or more inflatables to the mix.

Read all about it at Art Zoo Review

10 Superpark Singapore Review

The latest playground for adults and kids opens its doors in Singapore . Within a month, this post raced up the top 10 to complete the roundup. We reckoned anything related to family is sure to be a hit in Singapore.

That wraps up our top ten list.

To our readers, a big THANK YOU for following us and bearing with our cringe worthy grammar and vocabulary.

To our sponsors, we thank you for letting us the opportunity to work together and bring the latest reviews to families . We look forward to a fruitful 2019.

Last but not least. This new year marks the start of another chapter in your life. It is time to start accumulating memories for the year, be it happy or sad. No matter what happens, do spare time for family. You cannot stop time, but you can always store memories.

From our family to yours...


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