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Sudio Tolv Review : True wireless earbuds

Yearning for total freedom from wires in a headset?

Introducing Sudio Tolv, a truly wireless earphone that will make your wish come true.

Having experience Sudio headphones from Sudio Vasa Bla to Sudio Tre to their first wireless rendition Sudio Niva,  We are excited to give the new Sudio Tolv a go. From the first headset that we had tried to the current offering, the design had improved by leaps and bounds, while the quality had gone up several notches from our initial encounter.  This Swedish company had focus on design to bring out the style in headphones.

With the ongoing trend of mobile devices to dump the 3.5mm jack, it's time to embrace the future. True wireless headphone. Sudio captured this trend with not one wireless but two. The Sudio Niva and the latest Sudio Tolv.

Quote TWD35 and get a Sudio Tolv at SGD 89.17
Valid from Nov 23 -30 2020

What's inside the box?
Sudio Tolv: What's inside the box
Before we dive into the specifics, let's have a quick view of what is inside the box. The Sudio Tolv is dress in a familiar and stylish white box. You will get the Sudio Tolv headphone, a small charging case, micro USB cable and 3 sets of different sizes replacement war buds. You have a choice of white or black  for the earbuds,

The Features
What's in Sudio Tolv cradle?
Being the sophomore wireless head buds from Sudio, you would expect some improvement over its predecessors. Sudio did not disappoint and shone in this aspect.

First up, would be the charging case. It's redesign from a circular holder to a pebble shape cradle. Size-wise, it had shrunk to about 30% smaller than the Sudio Niva. There are two battery indicator LED beside the micro USB port for cradle's battery and earbud's battery status.

 In terms of power, it packs a whopping punch. The cradle can charge the earbuds 4 times. With the earbuds lasting 7 hours per charge, this would mean a charge of up to 35 hours before you need to plug in for power.  Given this range, it makes a perfect travel companion for those long haul flights.
Sudio Tolv Cradle 
The lightweight earbuds (4.5g per earbud) look similar to the Sudio Niva. It fits comfortably in the ear when used. Compared to its predecessor, it now comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that allows each earbud to connect individually. In addition, each earbud comes with a build-in microphone. It means you could use the earbud individually if need to.  There is a button on  each earbud with the following functions

- Press once on either side will play or pause music
- Press twice on the left side will go to the previous track
- Press twice on the right side will go to the next track.

There are no on / off button as the Sudio Tolv will connect to your device automatically. Simply, pick it up, plug into your ears and you are good to go. To switch it off, simply place them back into the cradle.

Sudio Tolv is rated sweat resistance for daily use. It will be perfect for gym use and short jogs around the park.

How does it sound?
Sudio Tolv 
Sudio Tolv instantly connects to your phone once it is in range.  Once you put it on, you would notice how comfortable it feels in the ear.

Admittedly, we are not sound connoisseurs. So this would not be an audiophile test. From a layman's perspective, the vocals are crisp and clear during playback. During the test, we listened to different genres of music from Rock to Pop to Soul. Among the genres, the Sudio Tolv excel in Soul.  You could make out the saxophone in the background with the smooth creamy vocals soothing your ears.

On the rock front, it works well. The bass could be a little deeper but it still packs a punch. One thing to note that this is not a noise-cancelling headpiece and we still catch a little external noise even when the volume is turned up. For those using this set as a jogging companion, this is a good safety feature as you can still hear honks from cars to keep you aware of the surrounding.
Free gift with Sudio Tolv
Sudio Tolv is available online from Sudio Singapore website. The Sudio Tolv retails for $189 per set. We had a gift for our readers. Simply quote  thewackyduoTolv when you checkout at getting an additional 15% off the retail price. In addition for this summer, you will get a free Sudio tot bag with every earphones or headphone from

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