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Sudio Nivå Review- Wire free earphones for total freedom

Looking for a wire-free headphone?

Before we start this review, we have to admit that we are fans of Sudio headphones. The Sudio Vasa Bla and the Sudio Tre that we reviewed in the past had become our go-to headphones. With new technology, the latest trend for headphones is to go truly wire-free.

Sudio address this trend with the new Sudio Nivå. With most phone companies discarding the 3.5mm headphone jack and relying on Bluetooth technology, a true wire-free headphone is the way to go.

The Sudio Nivå comes in an elegant white box. Inside the box, you will find a round case with the Nivå earphones within. The package comes with a USB charger cable, extra earpiece for a different fit and the menu.
Sudio Nivå 
Sudio Nivå comes in a black and white option. The black pair as shown comes in a black case while the white earphones come with the white case.

The pair of earphones looked identical.

Flipped it over and you can see that there are R and L markings to indicate which side of the ear you are supposed to put the headphones into.

Using the earphones is a relatively easy to process. First pair the headphones with your phone. Press the button on the Sudio Nivå and you are good to go. From our experience, you would need to press the headphones individually to turn it on, else only one side would be operational. To pause a song, press another time. To change to the next track, simply double-tap the buttons. There is no volume control on the headphones and you would need to control it via your phone.

There are magnets on the phone which allow you to place the headphones as above. However, for storage, we advise you to store in the case. Given its diminutive size, it may be quite easy to misplace it.

If you compare the hard case with the previous leather pouches, size-wise is similar except that is would be bulkier compared to the leather case. You can charge the headphones in the case via the USB cable provided. The hard case does have an added function. You would be able to charge the headphones in the charging case. The charging case itself has a built-in 500mAh battery. This would give you about 4 charges, thus extending the Sudio Nivå battery life to a possible 17.5 hours charge.

The downside of this - you cannot afford to lose the hard case. Once it is lost, there is no other way of charging the Sudio Nivå.

We are no sound connoisseur, but we think the sound quality is good enough for the casual listeners. From past experience, wireless headphones tend to lack oomph in the bass. The Sudio Nivå perform well at this department. It may not be a noise-cancelling headphone, but it does produce an immersive listening experience, At the highest volume, noise from outside the headphones is almost inaudible.

The Sudio Nivå features Bluetooth 4.2 and has an impressive 10m wireless range.

Compared to the wired version of Bluetooth headphone, the design of the Sudio Nivå is a step beyond. It would be good enough for the gym, and it would look (and sound) great when you are on commute too.  The only thing that we would not do is to bring it for a long jog. As smug as it fits, we are paranoid about losing this during a run. With a wired Bluetooth headphone, at least you can still find it when it drops. If the Sudio Nivå drops into the drain, it may be the end of it.

Free Gift - Sudio Coasters

The Sudio Nivå retails for $165. It can be ordered from Sudio's Singapore online store with free worldwide shipping via DHL. Order from the Sudio Singapore store and quote Thewackyduo2018 to get an additional 15% off your purchase. New orders will also receive a set of coasters as shown above.

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TWD was provided with a set of Sudio Niva for review. All opinions are of our own.

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