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Zhiyun Crane M2 - Best Gimbal Stabliser for smartphones, gopro, pocket cameras, mirrorless cameras

If you shoot videos with your devices, you need this.

If you do not know, we have a Youtube Channel - The Wacky Duo. In recent months, we had acquired the Zhiyun Crane 2 to work with our camera. The first video out from it produced 100K views on youtube. However, since then it was used only on one other occasion. The reason - it was too big and inconvenient to bring it out to shoot.

As a result, we would use the GoPro or handheld video footage. Naturally, the final outcome left much to be desired. Dad's old hands do not make footage steady, we need help in that department to make decent videos.

When Zhiyun introduced the Zhiyun Crane M2, we immediately know that this is what we wanted. We sold the Crane 2 to replace it with the Crane M2. The Crane M2  is a much smaller Gimbal that would be useful if you have a GoPro, Point and Shoot Camera or a smartphone. Since we have all three devices, we decided that this would be the one to get.

Get the Zhiyun Crane M2 here

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The Zhiyun Crane M2 comes with 7 modes for shooting

Pan Follow (PF)
Lets you turn the gimbal left and right

Follow (F)
Follows the movement of the hand

Lock (L)
The camera direction is locked regardless of your movement.

Point of View (POV)
Allows 360°  movement of all threes axes.

Take 360° barrel shots for that cool effect

Selfie Mode
Perfect for vloggers

For capturing fast motion such as sports

What's inside the box?

You have the following items in the box
  • Gimbal
  • Tripod
  • Charging cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Quick Release plate and screw
  • Handphone holder
See our unboxing video here

Why we like it
This is the smallest gimbal we had encountered.  Weighing at only 500g, it is light.

Handles multiple devices

We had been looking for an all in one Gimbal for a long time. The Minimum payload for this gimbal is at 130g and the maximum at 720g. This means that our smartphones, GoPro, Sony Rx100va would fit. In addition, if you have a small mirrorless setup (eg Sony 6400 with Sony 20 F2.8 lens), it can be used on it as well. Considering the number of devices we have that we could use with this, it is definitely more bang for the buck.

Can be linked to devices and control it via the app or the gimbal

You do not need a remote when you get this Crane M2 as it doubles up as one when you link it up with your devices. You can zoom in and out and record at the same time.

Perfect for travelling
Small and Powerful
With our Sony Rx100va and Crane M2 combination, we think we have the perfect set up for travel. There is barely any weight for this combo  (about 799g). The small footprint also means that we can carry it during sightseeing without looking like a film crew. In fact, it almost looks as if you are carrying a selfie stick!

Quick Release Plates 
The Crane M2 comes with a quick-release plate. It is not acra compatible, but at least it allows you to release the camera faster if you need it.

Easy to Transport
The 3 axes can be locked with just a pin on the gimbal. Unlike the previous gimbals, this means that your gimbal does not move around aimlessly, making carrying it a much more pleasant experience

Easy to use
It is much more easy to balance your devices on this than on the biggest cranes. This gimbal was by far the easiest to manage. We could even balance the gimbal in less than a minute with the memory lock feature. With the ease of use, it means anyone can now be a filmmaker!

It is not the cheapest gimbal but for a multi-device gimbal, the price at USD269 is a steal compared to its bigger siblings.

If you want to get one, you can get it here
For Singapore readers- Get is from Lazada for more discount. The Link is here

Hopefully, with a better gimbal, we can provide you with better footage for our future escapades. Look out for it on our youtube channel!

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