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Mickey Mouse comes to Singapore - Go Jalan Jalan with him!

Mickey Mouse sell satay?

Your eyes are not tricking you.

This is a screengrab from a new Master Hweker series premiering on Disney Channel. It will feature Mickey Mouse as a satay stall owner fighting it out with Donald Duck the roti prata seller over a customer - Goofy!

So cool right?

The 2 D animation series will have Mickey and friends exploring Singapore and Malaysia lifestyle including food, traditional dressing, architecture and more. There will be 6 shorts in total premiering every month till Jan 2020 on the Disney Channel.

If that is not enough, you can go Jalan Jalan with Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends around Singapore from 6 August to 8 September. From a Mickey inspired trishaw experience to a Minni themed cable car photo opportunity, Micky and Friends will be all around Singapore. Get a chance to meet then at the Atrium and shop for brand new Mickey Go Singapore merchandise.

Find them on selected dates at Bedok Point, Causeway Point, YewTee Point, The Centrepoint, Anchorpoint, Changi City Point, Northpoint and Waterway Point

Full schedule of where Mickey will be is here

There will also be a meet and greet session every weekend from 10 August.

Click here  to find out where!

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