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JJ Suspenders : Keeping your pants up!

Are you a belt or suspenders person.

In Singapore, it is not uncommon to see men with belts in their work outfits. In fact, it almost made everyone look the same the moment you step into Raffles Place. 

To stand out from the crowd, you would need a little something special. Wear suspenders instead of belts and you would look dapper and unique in a sea of white long sleeve shirts. Looking different would give you an edge and maybe help to clinch that exclusive deal you are eyeing for!

If you intend to upgrade your look, head to JJ Suspenders for that chic look. They carry a wide range of suspenders ranging to classic look, formal look. skinny look and even leather suspenders for those special occasions.

We reviewed two of them - the Skinny Suspenders and the Leather Suspenders

Skinny Suspenders - Jet Black 

The cheapest range would be the Skinny Black Suspenders These suspenders are versatile and timeless. You can wear it for formal occasions such as work or a wedding.  Pair it with jeans and a t-shirt and you would make it a casual affair for a night out in town or a Sunday stroll in the park.  The suspenders are made to fit heights between 5'2 and 6'2, It includes interchangeable clip and button combination so you could wear it with any pants.

The Suspenders are in a classic Y back design with authentic leather detailing and the logo JJ embossed on the back. The suspenders are retailing for US $49

Leather Suspenders - Chestnut Java

The other suspenders we tried is the chestnut - brown leather suspenders. This is a great colour option for the casual or semi-formal occasion. The weathered hardware look adds a touch of patina look. Paired it with trousers and a white shirt for the laid back feel. Suspenders are design for heights between 5'6 to 6'4. The suspenders come with an elastic back to increase comfort and mobility while preventing clips from slipping off your pants while sitting or kneeling.

Each suspenders retail from US$69

Need outfit ideas for a groom party for a wedding. This would add a dash of class to their outfits.

Each suspenders comes with extra buckles in case you need to replace them.

It also includes interchangeable clip and button attachments so you could wear them with any pants.

The suspenders are delivered in a burlap bag for easy storage.

To see the whole range of suspenders, head over to JJ Suspenders for more.

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The Wacky Duo were provided with a set of suspenders for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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