Singapore Hot and Dry Spell to be broken tomorrow - Rain Rain come and play

If you are feeling hot over the past month, you are not the only one.

Singapore experiences the first dry spell in 5 years since Jul 31st. A dry spell is defined as a period of 15 consecutive days with total rainfall lass than 1 mm. Depending on where you stay, today will be day 21 (it did pour for a mere 10 minutes in the East today).

The last recorded dry spell was from Feb 17 to Mar 15 2014. In addition to being dry, it's super hot too. The temperature has been soaring between 31.9 degrees Celsius to 34.5 degrees the past 2 weeks.  The night did not bring a reprieve with the temperature hovering around 28 degrees.

The dry spell had made brown grass patch and trees a common sight. There was even fire the size of 2 football fields at Marina East a few days ago!

Thankfully, the weather forecast has turned better this week. It is forecast to rain every day for the next 10 days with temperatures ranging from 26 to 34 degrees.

Tomorrow forecast - Thundery showers mainly over the northern and western Singapore in the afternoon.

Rain Rain, don't go away, please stay and play!

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