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Feiyu Tech Vlog Pocket Review

Even with the latest technology in smartphones, making shake-free videos on phones is still a distant reality without the aid of a gimbal

With so many gimbals in the market, it would be tough to figure out which one to choose. There are those that are loaded with functions and feature and there are the basic ones. In addition, size varies from the earlier bulky models that weights like a brick to those that are pocketable and weight as much if not lesser than your phone.

If you are starting out to film and would like a fuss-free, easy to use gimbal that is capable of fitting into your pocket, you might want to check out Feiyu Tech Vlog Pocket.
Vlog and iPhone X

The Vlog Pocket comes wth an eagle wing-shaped design that allows it to be folded into a nifty package. When folded, it is as tall as your phone size. It also comes with a tripod for handsfree operation when needed.

Unlike the competitors, it comes with locked sections when folded. This ensures that there is no wobbling of the gimbal during transportation, making it easy to carry around.

The Vlog Pocket is a basic model gimbal. It comes with only 2 control buttons to control the modes and the recording on/off functions. There are no directional support for the gimbal. Instead, you will get a Pan Follow Mode, Follow Mode and a Lock Mode. If you are looking for a gimbal for basic vlogging, it will do its job. For cinematic videos such as pan or vortex mode, you might want to look at other gimbals such as the Crane M2.

Nonetheless, Fieyu Tech does come with an app that does interesting photos and videos shots.
For photos, it could create an overlapping image, light trail, panorama, ultra-wide angle, 180 degrees and 360-degree panorama shots with the app.

For videos, it comes with slow motion, light rail mode, static time-lapse, tracking time-lapse and even a dolly zoom mode to expand your creativity in usage. You can also shoot in portrait mode with a click of a button for Instagram stories.

Pricewise it comes at a reasonable US 99. Compared to similar gimbals, it would be one of the cheaper ones around.

The Vlog Pocket is a small compact gimbal that would be perfect for those new to videography. Given its compact size, it would be great for travelling. For those simple holiday videos, it gets its job done. If you are a beginner and would like something to make your videos look nicer without breaking the bank, the Vlog Pocket would fir the bill perfectly.

You can get your Feiyu Tech Vlog Pocket here.

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