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Lego Sesame Street set coming in 2020

Sunny Days, somebody come and play!

Lego had just announced that they will be partnering Sesame Street to bring fan builder Ivan Guerreor's Sesame Street Apartment Building set to life. Ivan Guerrero aka bulldoozer21 had submitted his creation on LEGO Ideas and it had been officially selected as one the set to be made.

Now, everyone will have a chance to relive those Sunny Days!

Source: : LEGO Ideas Sesame Street
The release date had not been confirmed yet, but it will most likely arrive in early 2020. Today's younger generation may not be familiar with Sesame Street, but the generation that grew up with it would appreciate the move. This set would most likely appeal to the Adult Fan of Lego. or AFOL for short.

Source:  LEGO Ideas Sesame Street

Given the attention to details, it would be a nail-biting wait for fans to see how the final set would turn out.
Source: : LEGO Ideas Sesame Street

If they decided to go ahead with the original plans, the Minifigures itself would be worth the price of the set. Who knows, there might be a Minifigure series based on Sesame Street similar to The Simpsons or Disney in the future.

The only change we would love to see from the original is that LEGO would add some feathers to Big Bird :)
Source: : LEGO Ideas Sesame Street
If you cannot wait for the set to arrive, bulldoozer21  had shared some of his mini builds on his facebook page - LEGO Ideas : Sesame Street.

You can now build your own Alice Snuffleupagus, Barkley, Sesame Street Mini Facade and Hooper Store mini facade. For the record, we love Alice Snuffleupagus!

Source: : LEGO Ideas Sesame Street

Source: : LEGO Ideas Sesame Street

Source: : LEGO Ideas Sesame Street

Source: : LEGO Ideas Sesame Street
This is not the only set announced from Fan Creation. There is a Playable LEGO Piano, The Pirate Bay and maybe even a Lego Anatomini set if the complex design is approved.

Regardless, LEGO Sesame Street is riding high on our list. Can't wait for 2020!

Souce: :LEGO Creation

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