Mcdonald's Emoji Fried Potatoes , Scrambled Egg Burger , Grilled Chicken and Crispy Fish Sandwiches

McDonald's is determined to overhaul its menu.

Fresh from the introduction of Hershey's McFlurry, McDonald's will be introducing four new limited items on the menu.

P☺tato: $2

 Forget the french fries, take the P☺tato instead. This is an emoji-shaped crusty mashed potato patties. You have smiley face, the wink, heart shape and flower shapes potatoes.  So instead of using handphone to communicate during a meal (yes, it happens !), you can now use the  P☺tato to 'talk ' to your date now.

Scrambled Egg Burger $4

This is not new. It was launched last year in April, disappeared, made a brief appearance in September 2019 and disappeared again. It is back and we cannot guarantee how long.

The burger comes with a choice of beef patty or chicken bacpn. It costs $4 for a Grab and Go set with a cup of McCafe Premium launch.

It was a hit last year and looks set to take the breakfast crowd by storm once more. Get it before it disappears again!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.20 a la carte

The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is new. Featuring a thick, tender and juicy chicken patty with chicken bacon, cheddar cheese and crisp lettuce topped with chargrill sauce between semolina bunds, I would get this over McChicken anytime!

Get it in a set with the P☺tato patties and drink for $8.20

Crispy Fish Sandwich $6.20 a la carte

If you are tired of the good ole fish burger, you can opt for the Crispy Fish Sandwich instead. Instead of fried fish and tartar sauce, you will get a crispy battered fish with creamy chargrill sauce, chicken bacon, cheddar cheese topped with lettuce.

As usual, these seasonal launches are for a limited time only. Try it before it disappear!

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