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Save Sentosa Merlion

Sentosa Merlion is slanted to make way for a new walkway.

Yes, you heard right... the largest icon in Singapore is to be demolished so a new sensory walkway can be built in its place. Frankly, the footprint of the Merlion is not very big and there are ample space to walk around it.

Given its current status as Singapore's largest icon, it would be a shame to tear it down. It may not be as grand as the Statue of Liberty nor as tall as the Effiel Tower, but it has its significance and has been a majestic symbol of Singapore since its inception. Even visitors from afar lament its imminent loss.

The Merlion is said to be dated and had to make way for new attractions. Nonetheless, we think it just needs a new scrub and a facelift. It could be incorporated into the new attractions with a new light-show and a rethink of how best to upgrade this iconic statue. It is easy to build a new attraction but it will be difficult to re-create a symbol just like it.

This may not be the original Merlion, but it is by far the most impressive one. It cannot simply make way for something as frivolous as a pathway. Besides, people would rather take the monorail to the beach than to walk from RWS to the beach. True Story!

We wanted to start a petiton but someone else had already started the ball rolling. Therefore we decided to support the petition to keep the Sentosa Merlion.

Join us to save the Merlion and restore it to its glory!

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