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LEGO Dinosaur Fossils is coming !

Do you want to be a palaeontologist?

It's almost impossible to be one in Singapore. Firstly, we are a tiny red dot with limited places to dig for bones. Secondly, Dinosaurs fossils are never found in Singapore although we did found some possible dinosaur footprint in Sentosa!

Source: LEGO
Given our fascination with these majestic beasts, we would visit museums to check them out and watch shows such as Walking with Dinosaurs to satisfy our curiosities. 
Source: LEGO

LEGO must have read our thoughts when they approved a LEGO Dinosaur Fossil Set. Now kids (and adults) can pursue a career in LEGO palaeontology. The LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils Set is a 910 piece that brings your Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and a Pteranodon in skeleton form.

Source: LEGO

The Tyrannosaurs Rex stands at an impressive 7 inches tall and 15.4 inches long. All three dinosaurs are [ posable and each includes a display stand with a tiny plaque for creating your own exhibit.
Source: LEGO
In addition to the dinosaurs, a species known as the Homo Sapiens is included for scale.
Source: LEGO

The Homo Sapiens descendent, a man whos aspires to be a Palaeontologist, along with his working tools is included in the set as well.
Source: LEGO

Unlike the price of a real fossil, this LEGO Dinosaur Fossil set does not cost you an arm or a leg or even a bone. It will be on sale from Nov 1 only and retails for US$59.90,

Get it for your child to unleash his / her inner palaeontologist wish. Use the set as part of your setup for a Night at the Museum Set. Or simply tell the missus that you are getting a gift to foster their scientific interest. Thereafter, take the set and help them build. After they are done with a building, distract them with other LEGO sets and take this set to display on your desk.

We know you want this more than your kids!

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