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McDonald's Loungewear - Available for preorder from 3pm 11 Oct

Want to get your hands on the limited edition McDonald's Loungewear?

If you do not want to pay $120 for it on Carousell, you can get your hands on it at McDonald's Pre-Order page from 3pm onwards from 11 Oct.

The McDonald's loungewear proved to be so coveted that it crashed the website in less than 1 hour. Most did not manage to get the loungewear as it was sold out when the system was back up a few hours later. Instead, the enterprising ones managed to get their hands on it via the old fashion way - a phone call to Mcdelivery.

You can place your pre-orders for up to 2 sets of Men's and 2 sets of Women Loungewear set. Each Loungewear bundle consists of a Happy Sharing Box B food voucher, 1 pyjamas set (M/W), and 1 complimentary sleeping mask. The set will cost $24.90.

Place your preorders at this link

Do note that depending on the demand, all paid orders made during the pre-order period will be fulfilled and delivered from 18 Oct 2019 to 30 Apr 2020, latest.

Yes 30 April 2020, let's hope you do not eat Mcdonald's every day and increase in size. Else,  you might not fit into one by then...

The sets come in Free Size. From what we had seen, it should fit an adult of size L. 

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