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Hotels Reviews around the world : USA California, Vegas, San Francisco

A road trip to California will be the ultimate family adventure.

There are theme parks like Disneyland and Universal to explore, iconic places like Hollywood and a dessert oasis in Vegas. Then, complete the road trip with an epic drive to San Franciso for its museums, Alcatraz and Golden Bridge!

Check out our adventure. 

Los Angeles

Our road trip starts in Los Angeles. For LA, we decided to stay away from the city centre and stay in the family-friendly Anaheim area. Anaheim is a much safer place to stay as it is in the tourist belt, with numerous hotels for you to choose from. Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park are the main reasons it is so popular.

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Country Inn & Suite by Radisson

We stayed only one night at Country Inn & Suite. This is one of the Disney theme hotels in Anaheim. It is located off the main strip, but it should be fine if you are driving. Rooms are cosy enough, and it comes with complimentary breakfast. It is also one of the few hotels with queen-sized beds, so you could fit 4 comfortably. ( when opting for beds in the US, always choose queen over twin!)

The good thing about this is that parking is free too. We choose this as a stopover for our trip to Vegas.

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Residence Inn @ Convention Center

The hotel we stayed the longest was Residence Inn @ Convention Center. This hotel is located less than 500 meters away from Disneyland. We had a deal from  

It was much more significant than Country Inn and Suites as it has a separate living and kitchen area. In addition, it has a minimart located within steps and a Pizza Hut express outlet on the ground floor. The Anaheim Gardenwalk is a mere 500 meters away, with Cheesecake Factory and Bubba Gump Shrimp Co for more dining options. It is located on the main street where you have your McDonald's, Denny and IHop within walking distance.

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Another place to stay in LA would be in Hollywood. Again, a stopover at Universal Studio is a must if you are heading there with kids.

Sheraton Universal Hollywood

Anyone who has been to LA knows traffic could be a nightmare. Moreover, the distance between attractions meant you could spend at least one hour or more on the road to get from one place to another.

We opt for a stay at Sheraton Universal Hollywood to minimise travel time. This is one of the 2 hotels closest to Universal. The hotel also provides buses directly to Universal, meaning we do not have to pay double for parking. US parking rates are not cheap, so the hotel is quite affordable if you factor that cost in. The newly revamped rooms also add a sense of freshness to our stay.

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Vegas as a destination for families?

There is more to Vegas than just casinos. The numerous family-friendly circus shows by Cirque De Soleil, arcade centres like Circus Circus and the well-stocked premium outlet made this stop great for everyone in the family. Add a day trip to Grand Canyon, and you will have a wonderful stay in Vegas.

The road trip from LA to Vegas was also quite enjoyable, with several pit stops in between.

Luxor Hotel

We decided to go wild in Vegas by opting for a pyramid shape hotel. If you intend to stay there, opt for the Tower Room as it was recently renovated. Luxor is off the main street but much quieter and less complicated. There is plenty to do, and you could go anywhere in Vegas with a car.

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San Francisco

For our road trip, we decided to head to San Franciso. San Franciso is a city in California. It is a small city as it covers an area of 121 km2. In comparison, Singapore is about 751 km2. The smaller size also meant that it was easy to get around. You would be better off in San Franciso with public transport or walking. For one, the parking fee is exorbitant. Secondly, many car break-ins meant you risked getting your rental car damaged or stolen. The best way to see the city is to choose a location where transportation is accessible, and it is easy to get to attractions.

Pier 2620

For our stay, we opt to stay at Fisherman's Wharf. In San Franciso, the 2 main tourist areas would be Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square. Union Square is located within the business district and has many retail shops. Howeverplenty is within walking distance of Fisherman's Wharf regarding significant attractions. In addition, you can get a San Franciso Go Card, covering more than half a dozen attractions along the bay.

San Franciso Go Card Review

Pier 2620 is a street away from the main road of Fisherman's Wharf. However, access to shops and restaurants is just a few steps away. Nearby, you have significant attractions such as museums, Lombard Street, access to Alcatraz Island and Fisherman's Wharf.

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