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McDonald's Hello Kitty Carrier - Now selling at Carousell for $80!

Exclusive on Carousell

Every time when there is a product that is hype up during launch ( read - Limited Editions, Popular characters - Exclusive Tie-Up with designers), you could always expect a queue for it.

With the long queues and limited stocks, it would not be unexpected to see stocks disappearing in a jiffy. That said, the next best way to get your hands on these products are on the second-hand market. In Singapore, it is best known as Carousell.

So within an hour of the launch of the McDonald's Hello Kitty Carrier, ads for it appear on Carousell. The actual unit is still in stock and sold for $7.90, yet it is already listed for an average price of $25 on Carousell. There is even a seller asking for $80 for the unit. A Whopping 1000 % increase!

To be honest, we think that it is just a fab ( what happened to those Hello Kitty Plush from yesteryears? Anyone still collecting them?). We are not against fab but the act of cashing in on the hype that we frown on. In any case, even if it runs out, McDonald's would probably have a re-run to replenish the stocks. It happened when they relaunched the Sold Out McDonald's Nightwear and turned the tables on scalpers with a relaunch.

Would you get your carrier from McDonald's or from Carousell?

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McDonald's Hello Kitty Carrier

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