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The Lab Singapore : Learning the coding language

It's no longer a secret - Coding is the language of the future.

What is coding
Coding is the process of using a programming language to direct a computer to a behaviour. Every line of code tells the computer to do something. With coding, you could build an app or even create a robot to do house chores. Coding for young children also helps with communication, creativity, math problem solving, writing and even boost their confidence.

With the advance in technology, it would be essential for one to have the basics of Coding. The government had already acknowledged that and  Primary schools will be introducing Coding to Upper Primary Students from 2020 onwards. With such importance placed on coding, we could not resist reviewing The Lab when the offer came along.

The Lab
The Lab is a coding enrichment school that is targeted for children age 5 and up. The curriculum is vetted by Dr Oka Kurniawan, a Senior Lecturer for Singapore University of Technology and Design. With an impressive core team with years of experience in technology, it looks like it has the credential to run a good school.

Big C decided to attend lessons for a month to see how this stacks up to reality.  He signed up for the Lab Program for ages 10-16.

The Lab Katong V - Open Concept Classroom

Unlike the contemporary classroom set up, The Lab conducts the lesson in an environment that reminds one of the offices in technology companies such as Goggle and Facebook. This is a less intimidating set up compared to the classroom. With an open concept, it promotes creativity and flexibility.  Classes are conducted in groups of 4-8. Students usually work with their peers on projects during lessons.

You don't learn a language, you learn to code

At The Lab, you do not need to master a programming language in order to code. Programming Language can be a rather dry subject, especially for kids. Writing lines and lines of the following may not be the best way to introduce a child to coding.
Programming Language

At The Lab, a much more child-friendly way of teaching.  Using Visual programming, it introduces students to Python and robotics. 
Visual Programming

Here students would get to learn to build their own mini-projects on a weekly basis. These projects revolve around a Raspberry Pi. Using visual programming, the students would be able to understand its components and execute commands. Instead of delving straight into writing lines and lines of python, the students are taught core computational thinking concept using programming tools such as flowchart.

With classes progressing from basic to intermediate to advance, students will pick up Python programming concepts. Advanced students would even use native Python to control robots to test simulated environments and many others.  Each class are 2 hours long and each level typically requires about 10-12 sessions to complete. There is a clear learning objective for each stage of the programme and you can only progress to the next stage when you complete what is necessary.

Learn at your own pace

At The Lab, you learn according to your abilities. There is no fix time that you must meet to complete a project. If you complete earlier, you can move on to the next, if not you can spend the time mastering it. The good thing is that a progress report is prepared online for parents to track the child's progress.

Different age - Different skills

There are different programs that cater to different age groups. One of the reason for this grouping is that children of different age have varying learning abilities. The programmes for the age group are as follows 5-6, 7-9 , 10-16 amd 16 +

Monthly Fee with unlimited classes

The Lab charges a single Membership fee on a monthly basis. You can choose between 3, 6 and 12 months. Prices start from $280/ month for a 12 months term. You could opt to access the LAB as many times as you want within a month. If you are hardworking and attend lessons every other day, you might even complete the 10-16 program within 3 months. 

We reckon it might be a little tad challenging to do it in 3 months and a slower pace of 6 months would be better for the child.

To get you started, our readers will get $50 off school fees. Quote WK50OFF to redeem this offer.

Start with a trial class

Not sure if The Lab is the right coding class?

You could always sign up for a trial coding class before you commit to the class. Head to The Lab to find out more

Where to find them?

The Lab has two main locations for classes.

The Lab - Katong V
30 East Coast Rd #03-15/16
Singapore 428751

The Lab-Wisteria Mall
598 Yishun Ring Rd
Singapore 768698

The Lab Katong V

TWD was invited to review the course. All opinions are of our own.

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