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Wuhan Virus : Fake News In Singapore

"My friend say one.."

Whenever you see this line in a Whatsapp message, red flag should be raised

It has only been 1 week since we officially confirmed the 1st Wuhan Carrier in Singapore and we had already encountered numerous fake news. Some are made in jest while others are purposely made to create fear. Let's debunk the rumours and separate the truth from fake news.

24 Jan
Whatsapp message on not to visit certain public hospitals.
FALSE:  Suspected cases presented to the hospital will be immediately isolated. There are no substantial evidence that the virus can spread in hospital

25 Jan
More than 100 arriving travellers from Wuhan were denied entry into Singapore.
FALSE: No travel restrictions were imposed on this date. However, from 29 Jan Noon, travellers who had been to Wuhan for the past 14 days will be denied entry. Returning Singaporeans, PRs and Long Term Pass holders will be quarantined.
Source: ICA

The individual died in a Shopping mall from novel coronavirus.
FALSE: There are no death to date

26 Jan
Hardwarezone Forum post claimed a 66-year old man died in Singapore
FALSE: There are no deaths from the virus to date.
Source: Gov.sg

28 Jan
Woodland MRT closed for disinfection due to suspected case of Wuhan Infection.
FALSE: Woodland MRT was fully operational on this day.
Source: Gov.sg

Quarantine Allowance for tourist
FALSE: Quarantine allowance of $100 set aside for Self-employed in Singapore or Singapore employers if the employee is quarantine. It does not apply for Tourist.
No More Mask in Singapore
FALSE: You may have difficulty in finding masks in Singapore, but rest assured the Gov has you covered. There are sufficient supplies, the only issues are hoarders and resellers that make it hard for one to get their share. For the record, the Government will be providing each household with 4 masks from 1 Feb. 
Source: Gov.sg

Absence of Leave is Not quarantine
TRUE: You are allowed to venture out of the house during Absence of Leave, nut you are strongly advised to stay at home during this period.

29 Jan
NTUC Mask Stock Up timing being circulated
FALSE : NTUC has no fixed time on mask stock up

30 Jan
6 new confirmed cases including 5 Singaporeans
FALSE : 3 New Cases reported. All import cases from Wuhan. No Local Transmission
Source: Gov.sg

For up to date and reliable information, do refer to the following source

2. Gov.sg WhatsApp push notification: sign-up at go.gov.sg/whatsapp
3. CNA microsite: cna.asia/wuhan-virus
7. Factually

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