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DORSCON Orange - 3 new local transmission without Source

We are at DORSCON Orange

Before you press the panic button, Understand what is means first

DORSCON Orange is activated because there are virus spreading in Singapore but not widely.

Impact on daily life will be moderate, with quarantine, temperature screening and visitor restrictions at the hospital. 

Advice to the public
Be socially responsible. If you are sick, stay at home.
Maintain good personal hygiene
Comply with control measures
Look out for health advisories.

*Advice to cancel/defer large scale non-essential events*
If proceeding:
- Carry out temperature screening
- Deny entry for those with respiratory symptoms
- Have travel declaration and participant list if possible
- Venues to have ventilation and handwashing facilities
- Increased cleaning 

*At the work place*
- Twice-daily temperature taking and checks for respiratory symptoms
- Those with fever to see a doctor promptly
- Business continuity plans may include telecommuting or segregating workforce into teams

*For vulnerable groups*
- Hospitals to implement temperature screening; separate care for pneumonia patients
- Schools to suspend inter-school and external activities 
- Preschools and eldercare services to limit visitors

In addition, 3 new cases are confirmed. All cases cannot be traced to a known source indicating community spread.
Case 31
53 Male Singapore
-Visited Malaysia (Jan 6,11,17)
-Reported symptoms on Jan 23. Visited w clinics before admission to CGH on Feb 1
-Lives in Tampines Street 24, Attend Life Church and Missions Singapore
-Visited friends and family during CNY

Case 32
42 Female Singapore

-Works at VJC
-Admitted to Parkway East Hospital on 5 Feb
-Stayed in Elias Raod
-Visit Changi Airport and Singapore Zoo
Case 33
39 Female Singapore
-Visited Malaysia from Jan 22-29
-Symptoms on 30. Admitted to SKH

It does not mean the end of the world. It just means we have to be more vigilant than we are yesterday.


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