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Panic Buying for supplies Singapore : 5 reasons why it happen

There was a run at the Supermarket last night

We were doing our usual weekly grocery run when we experience first hand what an Apocolypse might look like. Shelves of Toilet Papers, Rice, Instant Noodles and Vegetables are wiped out. This panic buying started when Singapore was downgraded to DOSCON Orange, in view of the community spread for the Coronavirus in Singapore.

Here are 5 possible reasons why this rational behaviour occur


The downgrade of DOSCON Orange meant that community spread of the Coronavirus is now confirmed. It adds as the trigger that started this widespread buying. There are fears that one could be made to take a leave of absence as a result of exposure to the virus. On the other hand, there are those who wanted to stock up to avoid a shortage in the future should the situation worsen.

It's DOSCON Orange not DEFCON Orange. There is no need to press that panic button prematurely.


Source: Whatsapp Group- If you are the photographer, do let us know and we will credit you

If you are in Whatsapp chat groups, Facebook or Instagram, you would probably see photos like these circulating around last evening. These photos showed people loading up on Instant noodles, rice and toilet paper like it is the end of the world. It's not surprising that it caused a panic and added fuel to the bulk buying situation.

Source: Whatsapp Group- If you are the photographer, do let us know and we will credit you

Out of Stock

Surgical Masks and N95 masks were quickly snapped up and remained out of stock at major pharmacies since the virus was reported in Singapore. There was a fear that the same would happen to staple products, thus sparking a rush for it.

This situation is understandable . After all , no one wants to go all around the island looking for toilet paper.


Hong Kong shoppers have been bulk buying household items including toilet paper and dried goods. A major supermarket chain has dismissed online claims of impending shortages as a "solid rumour". #coronavirus
The same thing happened in HK where Toilet Paper run out a result of rumours of the impending shortage.  This probably led to why people are stocking up on Toilet Paper in Singapore.


It is human nature to be part of the 'crowd'. In Singapore, we are also known to be Kaisu. If we see a friend or neighbour doing it, we have to do it as well. It is a national pastime.  Even if you do not intend to do grocery shopping, when you see a large crowd doing it, you would join in as well. This natural desire to be in often cloud our own instinct leading to ‘panic ‘ buying.

Regardless, there is no need to make a run at the Supermarket. Currently, there are no change to Singapore's supply lines. Essential food and household items are readily available. Do not hoard. Remember groceries are perishables and have expiry dates. Even if you do not have the virus, you do not want to come down with food poisoning either.

In any case. do WASH YOUR HANDS after a trip to the supermarket, you never know who last touched the toilet paper roll you grabbed. The irony is that you might catch a virus just by queuing 2 hours for that toilet paper roll. Might as well just order online instead .

The situation now is like war, except it is against an invisible enemy. Nope, it is not the virus we are referring to but fear.

Here is what happened on the day panic sets into Singapore

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