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Circuit Breaker extended : ALL the updates you need to know!

June 1

That will be the date that Circuit Breaker will extend as announced by PM Lee in his unscheduled afternoon speech.

These are the main points of the announcement as well as the press conference that was held thereafter.

Circuit Breaker will extend to June 1
Circuit Breaker will be extended for an additional 4 week. This would bring the total number of weeks to 8. June 1 will be the targeted date for CB.

Essential service list to be tightened, more workplaces to close
There will be a reduction in the number of people who are working in essential services, especially for consumer-facing business. Some F & B outlets may be close. The full list will be provided by the Ministry of Trade.

Check here for updates

Odd-Even NRIC Number system for visiting popular spots like wet markets

Entrance to these places would be determined by the last digit of a person's NRIC or FIN.
Measures will last till May 4 and will adjust until June 1
From tomorrow the following areas will be affected
-Geylang Serai Market
-Blk 505 Jurong West ST 52
-Blk 20/21, Marsiling Lane
- Blk 104/105, Yishun Ring Road

Individuals with even/odd last digit in their NRIC will be allowed entry only on even/odd dates of the months respectively.

This might be extended to more wet markets, supermarkets if necessary.

List of hotspots will be announced here.

*Remember to bring your NRIC along for verification!

SOLO activities advised

Do not engage in activities with families. This includes exercise and heading for groceries.
Exercise in your neighbourhood and do not travel to exercise.

From past experience, if this has not adhered, the policies will be refined to law.

Do not turn this into an occasion for a family outing!

10,000 foreign workers in essential services had been transferred out of dormitories to other accommodations.

ALL foreign workers living in dorms are to stop work even if their employers had obtained exemptions to run their business.

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