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8 Must Watch Korea Dramas for Circuit Breaker & How to watch for Free!

If you have not watched Korea Dramas, you should start watching them now.

Fans of Korea Dramas love it for plenty of reasons. From romantic storylines to compelling tales, Korea Dramas is surprisingly suitable for both sexes. In addition, the good looking cast, the soothing music, fashion and culture that would make you turn on the telly to follow each series.

Unlike long drawn out series, each Korean Dramas is fairly short. With an average length of 15 episodes, it would be easy to binge-watch a series in just 2 -3 days.

Since we have less than 3 weeks left to the end of Circuit Breaker, it would mean we probably can squeeze in 8 shows during this period. If this is your first foray into K-Drama, these are the shows you have to add to your list.

Crash Landing on You (2020)
16 Episodes

A paragliding mishap drops a South Korea heiress in North Korea. She 'crash land' into a North Korea Army Officer, who decided to help her back to South Korea and starting off an unexpected romance.

Why you should watch it
By far, the best romantic Korea show for the way. The chemistry between the leads Captain Ri(Hyun Bin) and Yong Se-ri( Son Ye-Jin) is sizzling. If you are watching with your spouse, do not be alarm that this would make her become a bonafide K-drama fan after this. Half of the story is base on North Korea, giving one a glimpse of what life could be like in the North.

The King: Eternal Monarch(2020)
16 Episodes

Emperor Lee Gon, King of Corea, enters a parallel world to the Republic of Korea find his saviour from a palace assassination decades ago. In the alternate world, he found the love of his life.

Why you should watch it
The film cinematography is top-notch. Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) and Detective Jung Tae-Eul (Kim Guo-Eun) form an interesting courtship. The parallel world of Corea is an interesting interpretation of what life could be if Korea had remained under a kingdom

Itaewon Class (2020)
16 Episodes

Itaewon Class follow the life of ex-convict Park Sae-ro-yi, whose life has been in topsy turvy since he was expelled from school for punching a bully. His father was also killed by the same bully who is the heir to a food empire. After getting out of prison, the former plan a long term plan to bring down the food empire with his own brand DanBam, a bar-restaurant with roots in Itaewon.

Why you should watch it
This show broke many barriers in K-Drama. The show touch on the class divide, racism, LBGT issues. The compelling revenge tale and the Love quadruple (yes quadruple) is both fascinating and intriguing. This is not moulded after the usual k-drama love story but a drama that is worth following.

Park-Seo-joon(Park Sae-ro-yi) is the man of the moment for this show.

Kingdom (2019-2020)
2 seasons

The only multi-season show on the list, this is not a love story but a thriller set in Korea's Joseon period. The main plot is not about the period setting but zombies Korea Style. Spanning 2 seasons, it is highly engaging and full of non-stop action.

Why you should watch it
If you are a fan of Last Train to Busan and The Walking Dead, this show is for you. The twists and turn will make any Zombie fans happy. The Series deals with pandemic making it an apt viewing given the reality of today's situation.

Vagabond (2019)
16 Episodes

A spy thriller and action film, Vagabond focus on Cha Dal-Gun's search for the truth behind a mysterious plane crash that killed over 211 civilians including his nephew.

Why you should watch it
Take a break from the romantic K-dramas and watch this for a change of pace.

What's wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)
16 Episodes

What happens when the Vice Charmain of a major corporation romances his secretary Kim?

Why you should watch this
If you are looking for a feel-good, light-hearted romantic comedy, this one is an excellent pick. Park Seo-Joon is charming as Lee Yong-joon and Park Min-young is perfect as secretary Kim. Incidentally, Park Seo-Joon also starts in Itaewon Class, so fans of the latter would be pleased to see their idol in another show.

Goblin- Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2017)
16 Episodes

A fantasy Love story that has Kim Shin or the Golbin searching for his bride for over 900 years to break the spell cast upon him. He might be processed superpowers and immortality but had to watch his loved ones leaving him when they die. Along the way he met the Grim Reaper who turned out to be the one that ordered him killed in the first place.

Why you should watch it
The storyline is intriguing enough for fantasy fans. The love story in it (there are 2!) made it even more engrossing. It may be from 2017 but it holds its age well. Stars Gong Yoo ( Goblin) of Train to Busan fame and Kim Go-eun as his bride to be ( star in The King-Eternal)

Descendants of the Sun (2016)
16 Episodes

A love story between Captain Yoo Shi Jin, Korea Special Forces and Doctor Kang Mo Yeong, a surgeon at Jaesun Hospital. Their romance takes place in Korean and a distant war-torn country.

Why you should watch it
This is said to be the forerunner of K-Drama popularity. With a military setting and love story, it has similarities to Crash Landing of You albeit a more youthful version. The fact that the main leads Song Joong-Ki ( Yoo Si-jin) and Song Hye-jyo ( Kang Mo-yeon) married after the show tells of the sparks formed during filming.

How to catch all K-Dramas for free?

The best way to watch Korea Dramas is to have a Netflix subscription. If you do not have one, you could sign up with Netflix for a free one month trial.

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