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Daily Dose : A new Dawn

Good Morning

Positive news to start the day. This is the 2nd day that discharge cases are more than confirmed cases. In addition, the community spread appears to be in control. Is this the start of a new dawn?

1) 752 cases confirmed, 1164 cases discharged

750 cases Dorm
2 Community Spread (SC/PR)

This marks the 2nd day that discharge cases exceed new cases. In addition, a community spread for work permit holders outside of dorms are at 0 for 2nd straight day.

This is a promising sign.

Source: MOH

2) NUS to house patients recovering from Covid19
They will be housed at Prince George's Park Residence. There are 2900 single rooms available

Source: ST

3) All preschool Staff to take Covid19 Swab Test before centres reopen on June 2

The test will start from May 15 to May 26. 30,000 staff to take the test Possible indication that school will resume by then.

Source: ST

4) 22% increase in reports related to family violence since circuit breaker
From Ap 7 to May 6, there are 476 reports for such cases

Source: AsiaOne

5) Singapore will have to live with Covid 19
NCID ex-Director does not expect complete elimination.

Source: Today

6) Viral video of workers in the partition is a proposal
It has been rejected by LTA

Source: Today

7) One Week Rebate off June bill for M1 Users hit by Internet Outrage

M1 users affected by major internet outrage earlier will get a rebate. Notice will be given via SMS

Source: Today

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