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Circuit Measures to be lifted progressively from May 5 : All you need to know

Just 2 week ago, it was announced that our circuit measures will extend till June 1.

Today, it had been announced that some of the measures will be lifted from May 5. In a surprise move,  Minister for National Development Lawerence Wong had announced some ease of Circuit Breaker Measures starting from May 5. It was a surprise given that Singapore has 17,000+ confirmed cases, a sharp rise from the 9125 cases announced on Apr 21 when the extended circuit breakers were introduced.

Nonetheless, as Minster Wong stated it is not the time to change the mindset. Go out only when necessary and refrain from heading out even if from the same household.

Here are the measures that will ease from May 5 onwards.

May 5

Restrictions on activities within Strata-Title residences such as condominiums or private estates to be lifted

  • Same rules as public area apply.
  • This includes walking dogs and exercising within estates. 
  • Safe Distancing measures apply as per public areas.
  •  Mask to remain compulsory as per public areas.
  • All sports and recreational facilities like Gyms and swimming pools to remain close.
TCM and Chinese Medical Halls link to TCM to be open

  • Acupuncture to be allowed for pain management only (excluding cupping, moxibustion, guasha and tuina manipulative therapies)
  • Retail arm for TCM Chinese Medical Halls to allow to sell retail products.

May 12
Selected business to be allowed to resume operations.

Home-Based business

  • Home-base food business would be allowed to operate for delivery and collection only. Delivery and collection should be done in a safe and contactless manner.
  • Home-based private dining services still disallowed.
  • Home-based business which provides other goods and services such as jewellery and textiles will remain closed until the further lifting of the circuit breaker measures.

Food Retail outlets

  • Cakes and confectionary will be allowed to re-open for takeaway and delivery.
  • Retail outlets of food, including cakes, confectionery, packaged snacks and desserts may be open for takeaway and delivery only
  • Manufacturing and onsite preparation of all food, including ice-cream, chocolate and other snacks will be reinstated.
  • Safe Entry App to be used for these premises when open for contact tracing.
  • Individual shops need to be notified by the Ministry of Trade and Industry before they can resume operations when enhanced circuit breaker measures are eased on May 12

Barber and hairdressers
Will be allowed to resume business.

Laundry Services
Source: Unsplash 

Will be allowed to resume business.

Pet Food Retailers
Will be allowed to resume business.

Full list will be available here

May 19
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Schools may start bringing students in small groups for face to face lessons.
Focus on graduating cohorts taking National Exams.

Theses are as follows
  • Primary 6
  • Secondary 4 & 5
  • Junior College 2
  • Pre-University 3
Institutes of higher learning, particularly Institute of Technical Education (ITE) will also allow more students to return to campus for critical consultations, projects or practicums.

May School Holidays from May 5 to remain
Schools will continue to engage students with greater needs and provide care for those whose parents work in essential services and unable to secure alternative care. Teachers rostered during this period will be given time off in the latter half of May.

June school opening remains scheduled for June 1
The format will depend on the situation closer to June.

Source: CNA with added reporting

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