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Daily Dose : Fortitude

Good Morning

Did you get a piece of 'Fortitude' Pie?

If not, and you are still hungry, here's a daily dose of Singapore's news instead.

1) 383 new cases confirmed
381 Dorms
2 Community Cases (1 SC 1 work permit dorms)

For the second day, the numbers come below 500 cases. However, before we get too happy, it is the result of 'lesser tests'. Realistically, we would not really know if this is good or bad as we do not know the daily tests done. So with this black box, it is hard to say if we had turned the tide.

Source: MOH

2) 2 community cases reported

2 community cases listed as local unlinked and Asymptomatic.

For asymptomatic cases, they are picked up through proactive screening.

There are also no new clusters announced for the 3rd consecutive day

Source: CNA

3) 12 Confirmed preschool staff infection

There is now 12 confirmed preschool staff infection with the addition of 1 base on yesterday's testing. 30 yr old staff tested positive

Source: CNA

4) 2 more location added as places of visit by infected.

24 May 0600h – 0800h Wet market at Block 963 Jurong West Street 91
24 May 1300h - 1400h Jurong Point (1 Jurong West Central 2)
• FairPrice Xtra

If you had been to the above locations during that period, do self-monitor.

5) Fortitude Budget - $33 Billion

Singapore has its unprecedented 4th Budget in a year. The Fortitude Budget is worth 33 Billion dollars. The budget is geared mostly to JSS and support for SME and Enterprise. It also aims to create 40,0000 jobs by end 2020.

For the man on the street, there will only be a $100 Solidarity Utilities Credit for each household with at least on Singaporean.

On the surface, the budget looks impressive. At $33 billion, it is about $10,000 per Singaporean. However, to the man on the street who does not benefit from the rest of the scheme, it is a $100 relief per household.

Takes a lot of fortitude to understand where the money goes to.


6) Places of worship allowed to have 5 households for private worship
The households are not supposed to interact with one another. There should not be more than 5 members per household

Source: Straits Times

7) Recruits will have BMT extended

Extension by 2-4 weeks for the recruits affected by the 7-week suspension of BMT. ORD to remain the same

Source: Straits Times

8) Singapore GP to have live Audience and parties despite uncertainties

Singapore GP is slanted for Sep 20. It would be interesting to see if it will proceed. The GP tends to draw in tourist. With the global shutdown on Air Travel, would there still be crowds?

Source: Straits Times

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