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Daily Dose: Mother's Day

Good Morning

The weekend may be coming to an end but today is Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there.

1) 753 new cases, 22460 cases
739 Work Permit Holders
14 Community Cases (11 SC/PR/WP, 3 Work Permit)

9 new clusters

2) Unlink cases resurface

3 unlinked cases among Singaporean and PR cases on Saturday

3) 18 cases link to Northpoint City

2 more cases identified. Both are elderly cleaners.

4) Coronavirus can lead to the formation of blood clots
Autopsies where some people's lungs are found to be full of hundreds of microclots.

5) Woman charged with verbal abuse and resisting arrest at Sun Plaza

The woman is remanded at IMH. This is the 2nd case in one week.

6) Safe Entry Digital Check-in System deployed to 16.000 venues to date

It will be used for business that is allowed to operate from May 12. Among these venues are workplaces including offices and factories, schools, healthcare facilities, community care facilities, hairdressers, supermarkets, popular wet markets, malls and hotels. It will be rolled out to taxi as well.

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