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10 Deals you can get from Klook for Phase 2 Singapore

Klook has been our favourite portal to nab local and overseas attractions tickets.

With Covid19, travel came to a halt. The whole world is now confined to their own country as a result of restriction on travel. Klook had recognised that and tweaked the offerings with local deals. We suss out the enhance platform and form 5 great deals you can get from Klook.

Mao Shan Wang Feast

1 Klook X Durians Edition Exclusive
Source: Klook

Klook tied up with Durian Delivery to bring you Fresh Mao Shan Wang and Oolong Nitro Durian.
3 boxes of Durians starts from $88 per set. You can choose a combination of the durians or opt for the full Mao Shan Wang Experience. 

Happy Hours at Home

Still having second thoughts about heading out for a drink even though it is Phase 2, Klook has several tie-ins for Happy Hour at Home

2 Drinkies Bundle
Source: Klook

Drinkies provide free delivery when you grab their promo bundles.
Promo bundles start from $43.80 per bundle. We spotted the family packet. Compared to NTUC, this bundle is at least 10% cheaper!

3 GudSht in Singapore
Source: Klook

The Stay Home Period had taught us that you should experience new things for at least once in your life. So if you are looking for a different quite of Happy Hour, how about trying an Alcoholic Bubble Tea with Mao Cha from GudSht.

Still plan to stay at home? 
You can do your own DIY activities if you still want to play it safe for Phase 2.s

4 The Whale Tea DIY Double or Triple Bubble Tea Kit
Source: Klook

With Phase 2, Bubble tea shops are open. However, if you decided to be cautious and stay at home, you can get your own DIY Bubble Tea Kit from THe Whale Tea.

There are 4 different sets to choose from with price starting from $35. You can a minimum of 10 cups per set and have a Bubble Tea party in the comfort of your home with a group of 5.

5 Cardholder, Wallet and Accessories Leather DIY Kits
Source: Klook

Want to pick up a new hobby?
How about DIY your own Cardholder or wallet. With Phase 2, you can now choose from ordering a DIY Kit to make your own leather goods at home or to take a class to make your own leather goods. Price starts from $38.5 for own DIY Key Fob to $35 for workshops.

Food Deals
With Phase 2, you can now head out for a meal.
Here are some of the interesting Food Deals you can find on Klook

6 Liho Milk Tea
Now $2.15 ( up $3.10)
Source: Klook

7 Gong Cha Singapore
Up to 20% discount off Earl Grey, Green or Oolong Milk Tea with Black Pearl

7 Old Chang Kee - 2 Piece Old Chang Kee Puff
Now $2.70 ( up $3.20)
Source: Klook

8 Ya Kun Kaya Toast with Butter Set
Come with 2 x Slices of Kaya Butter Toast, 2 Soft Boiled Egg, 1 X regular Coffee or Tea

9 Jumbo Seafood Singapore 
Discount voucher up to 25% (Available for Takeaway)
Source: Klook

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