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Daily Dose : June 25 Mask On Please

The sight of people without masks is getting more common

-Walking around foodcourts without masks
-Talking loudly on the tables at the restaurant or food courts without masks
-Having a smoke outside at non designated area without masks
-Holding a cigarette and walking the streets without masks
-Walking not jogging in sneakers without masks
-Wearing a mask on the chin and not covering mouth or nose

It had been a common sight since Phase 1, so much so that specific rules on Mask wearing are now introduced when it comes to dining and even election.

However, the rules are enough especially when the sight of no Mask is getting more common and probably absurd now.

1) 191 new cases

184 Dorms
7 community (2 SC, 2 WP, 3 Work Permit )
After a low of 119 cases on the day of announcement for GE, the numbers went back up to 191 cases. It has been a 'trend' to see lower numbers on days where there are special announcements.

Cases in the community also rise to 7 with 2 Singaporeans on the list. the 2 Singaporeans are working in dorm and NTFGH.

2) Libraries to reopen on July 1 with shorter operating hours, timed entry and limited capacity

All 25 public libraries and the National Library Building will be open from 11am to 7pm daily instead of the usual 10am to 9pm.

Capacity will be limited to 50 people per floor and users can only borrow and return materials.Patrons will also need to book-entry slots online, as the library will be implementing timed entry to manage the flow of visitors.

Study areas to remain close

3) Diners to remove masks only while eating and drinking.

Masks are not permitted to be removed for the sole purpose of talking to others

4) 4 long weekend in Singapore in 2021

That is 3 fewer than this year, but hopefully, you do not have to stay at home for this one.

5) 12 Things you need to know about General Election

This handy guide may not make you a pro at Election but it will make you sound like one.

6) Lee Hsien Yang Joins Progress Singapore Party

Brother vs Brother. A Sad Singapore tale.

6) GE 2020: Candidates masks must remain on while taking photos, speaking to the public

While on the campaign trail, candidates must wear a face mask at all times, and should not take it off just to take photos or talk to someone. 

Hope you still can recognise them with masks on...

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