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10 Things you regret buying For Covid19

Since we are back to some sense of normalcy, let's have a little fun.

During Circuit Breaker, there are many impulse buys that we had indulged. Here are 10 items that we would probably regret buying.

1 Toilet Rolls

During the early days of Covid19, there were widespread buying of Toilet Rolls. It would not be surprising to see families hauling 10 packs per person in a trolley. Some even managed to get their hand on a year's supply.

Toilet Rolls are large items and would probably take up space around the house. As of now, there will s be people with a dozen or so packs of toilet rolls lying around the house. Unlike popular theory, toilet paper did not magically disappear from the shelves as stock levels are back to normal today.

2 Maggie Mee

An infamous picture was taken when an auntie was carting away a whole trolley full of Maggie Mee. The amount of Maggie could probably last 1 person a whole year. Eating too much instant noodles is bad as it is processed food. Excessive consumption might lead to aliments likes diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity and more.

Contrary to expectations, supplies of Maggie remains healthy.

3 Rice

Another must-buy item during panic buying is rice. It had been 2 months since the initial panic buying, but we are sure that there will be households with 10 more months supply of rice stash in the bomb shelter.

While stocks did run out on that day of panic buying, it was quickly replaced the next day. Rice is in abundance in supermarkets today.

4 Face Mask

This was one of the earliest items to disappear off the shelf. For a period, you cannot find any. The price of a box of the mask even soared to more than gold in weight!

Ironically, during the same period, hardly anyone wears them in public. After it is made compulsory, it has since returned to the shelves. However, with the free reusable mask given out by the government, the popularity is waning. Plenty of boxes are now available both online and in stores.

5 Exercise Equipment

Yoga mats, dumbells and even treadmills are popular in days leading up to the circuit breaker. Like most trends, interest is waning. Some had switch to running on the streets while others decide to chill with  K-dramas on Netflix.

6 Chest Freezer

There was a period where supply lines for food are thought to be threatened by Covid-19. 

As a result, people are storing up on frozen food. Chest Freezer became a sold-out item on most online stores. Today, the fears were proven wrong. Those who had bought the Chest Freezer probably regretted since they do not need so much space. The spike in electricity bill since the purchase doid not help either.

7 Toys R Us Toys

Remember the queues for toys at Toys R Us pre circuit breaker?

By now, the toys would probably be in the storeroom or lying around somewhere in the house. With kids' swaying interest, it is probably untouched since it was taken out of the box 8 weeks ago.

8 Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch had one of the best sales during Circuit Breaker. Alas with school starting, it is time to hit the books. Expect interest to cool down or parents deciding to lock up the games so the kids can concentrate on catching up with school work.

9 Baking Supplies

You had bought a new oven, cooking utensils, tons of flour and ready to whip up a storm. Alas with school and work starting, this new hobby might have to take a backseat. Moreover, cake and confectionary shops have reopened, reducing the need to make your own to satisfy the craving for sweet treats.

10 Online Shopping during Covid19

Staying at home without much to do can be deadly to the wallet. With sales keep appearing on your feed, it is hard to resist a purchase or two or more. Moreover, it can be an addictive activity. Ultimately, if you had fallen prey to it, you probably would regret a few purchases online.

This is our list of things that people regretted buying during Covid19. 

Have you purchase any or regretted doing so?

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