Covid19 Swab Test compulsory for all school staff and students age above 12 who are diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Infections(ARI)

It was announced that there were 14 community cases in Singapore.

From MOE statement, it was stated that five students and staff had been confirmed to have COVID-19. It was also announced that since June 2, surveillance testing for COVID-19 for ALL school staff and students age above 12 had been conducted.

Any staff or students above 12 who are diagnosed with acute respiratory infection (ARI) at the first presentation to the doctor will be tested, instead of only those with prolonged symptoms.

ARI symptoms as follow
  • Congestion
  • Runny Nose
  • Cough
  • Sore Throat 
  • Body Aches
  • Fatigue
  • Fever over 39˚C

Of the 5 cases, 4 are students and one is a non-teaching staff. All are from different schools.
The schools are as follow :
1) Anglican High School
2) CHIJ Katong Convent
3) St Theresa's Convent
4) Geylang Methodist Secondary School
5) Hwa Chong Institution

29 staff and 100 students who are in contact has been issued 13 day LOA or Home Quarantine Order.

Points to Note
  • Of the 5 cases, the student from HCI was last in school on 7 April. The other 4 cases, 3 were last in school on 3 June and 1 was last in school on 2 June.
  • All 5 displayed mild symptoms, they were not asymptomatic.
  • 3 cases had symptoms on 3 June. The other 2 had on 2 June and 31st May.
  • All 5 cases have a low viral load, indicating that they are likely infected during Circuit Breaker. However, it is not indicated that they are not infections during this period.
  • 29 staff and 100 students who were in contact had been issued 13 days LOA or Home quarantine Order (HQO). Those on HQO will be swab twice- once before and once after.

  • Risk is still high as undetected cases remain in the community.
  • Given that there should be minimum movement during CB period, the students may have from household members. Unless they have tagged along during

    grocery or food runs. Given the circumstances, we have to continue to remain vigilant.
  • The cases detected are from surveillance and not the result of link cases. This means that cases of this batch are unlinked. The risk from community remains a possibility.

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