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Daily Dose 8 June : A Bitter Pill

Sometimes you have to take a bitter pill to get better.  

The news for the day is that 5 students and staff were diagnosed with Covid19 after a surveillance test. This is the worse news a parent would want to get in regards to going back to school.

1) 383 new cases 
369 Dorms
14 community ( 10 SC/PR, 1 Student Pass , 1 Work Pass, 2 Work Permit)

The community cases shot up to 14. This was partially the result of proactive testing of staff and students above 12 diagnosed with an acute respiratory infection. 11 unlink cases in one day, the highest to date.

2) 4 students and 1 staff picked up during a surveillance test

It is now compulsory to test staff and students above 12 who had been diagnosed with ARI at first presentation.

The 4 students are age 13-16.
Affected schools are 
1) Anglican High School
2) CHIJ Katong Convent
3) St Theresa's Convent
4) Geylang Methodist Secondary School
5) Hwa Chong Institution

3) Mustafa Centre, Tampines Mall and Geylang Serai Market added to the list of places visited by Covid19 
Source: MOH

Do note if you had been to the following areas at the dates stated

26 May 900-1030
Geylang Serai Market and Food Center

2 June 1445 - 1525
Tampines Mall Basement 1

4 June 1500-1600
Mustafa Center

4)  PM Lee assured Singaporeans in a nationwide broadcast.
Singapore will be even stronger and better after Covid19 crisis. PM Lee is the first speaker is a series of National Broadcast between June 7-20

5) Outdoor Facility set up at Changi Exhibition Centre to house Covid19 patients.

This is for patients who do not require medical care. It can house up to 1700 patients.

6) Singapore Airlines rolling out a host of measures to reassure travellers

Your next flight with SQ will be a lot different from Pre Covid19 days.

Changes on your SQ flights
- No more magazines or newspaper
-Access electronic library via Free Wifi
- Long Haul Flights on business class served with one tray meal instead of several courses
- Snack Bags for flights on SE Asia and Mainland China
- Staff will be in mask and goggles during flight
- No more buffets in the lounge
- Passengers to receive care kits with Masks, wipes and sanitizer.
-no more hot towel
- all passengers to wear masks on board

7)  10 Things you regretted buying due to COVID 19

Tongue in cheek post. Read if you need a smile before the work week starts.

8) Ridership double after circuit Breaker
We are at 2/3 the level pre-Covid. A sign that we are heading back to a sense of normalcy.

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