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7 Sights we will miss in Phase 2

During Circuit Breakers, Singapore had been entertained by  interest sights around Singapore

With Phase 2 slated to start from today, here are 7 things that we might never see again for quite a while.

1) Wild Singapore

The grass may not be greener on the other side but it is definitely wilder.

Roadside kerb grass patch had been left untouched for weeks due to CB. The result is Singapore gone wild. Who would have thought these wildflowers could beautify the nation during our dark times.

2) Empty Singapore

These photos of Singapore without crowds is an eerie sight. It almost felt as if Thanos had snapped his fingers and everyone from Singapore Disappear.

Merlion Park (Credits:  Lemjay Lemas Used with permission)

Airport  (Credits: Lemjay Lemas Used with permission)

Raffles Place  (Credits: Lemjay Lemas Used with permission)

This series of photos is by Lemjay Lucas. You can check out the whole set in this post
We will also miss the empty malls where we could walk freely when buying food or doing grocery runs. At least 70% of the shops in most malls are closed during this period. It's quiet and you do not have to jostle with crowds. Come June 19, the situation is likely to be very different.

3 Iridescent Clouds

These rare iridescent clouds made its appearance in Singapore at least twice over the circuit breakers period. This rare cloud phenomenon was spotted from the East and all the way to Woodlands. Some had affectionately termed it as Rainbow Clouds or Paddle Pop sky.

The clearer sky due to less pollution might contribute to the sightings.  Who knows if we will see it again heading into Phase 2.

4) Double Rainbow
Credits@ nicolemarieng/Instagram

On the last day of Circuit Breaker,  a double rainbow was spotted at parts of Singapore. Perhaps it is a sign of good things to come.

5) Blazing Sunset and Sunrise

Cleaner air in Singapore brings a much more radiant sunset in the evenings, especially after a rainfall. While these sunsets may reappear in Phase 2, heading back to work and enrichment classes meant that it may be missed on work/school days. 

Sunrise too will be missed as morning runs are reduced as we prepare to head back to work and school.

6) Fluffy Clouds

With Phase 2, most of us will be at work or in school. That would mean that we would spend less time dreaming and looking up the sky. During the Circuit Breaker period, it was a good time to just enjoy what is around us. Simple things like looking up the sky is an enjoyment. With cleaner air, the sky is a magnificent sight at times. Singapore sky has never looked so pretty before CB. With the rat race starting once again, life's simple pleasures will take a back seat.  

7) Rain Tunnel

This was only seen during the Circuit Breaker, an amazing sight.

After Phase 2, these sights will probably be just faded memories. Nonetheless, in the years to come, we would have interesting tales to tell our future generations. 

Stay Safe!

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