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Daily Dose June 19 : Phase 2 Day 1

It's finally here

 Phase 2 has begun and that means shops are open, socialising with friends and family is now allowed and you can go cycling in groups of 5 without the fear of appearing on Facebook Feeds. 
Does it mean Singapore had eradicated the dreaded Covid19? 

On the contrary, we still have hundreds of cases every day. Even today, it was announced that more vigilant testing will be done on people age 45 with ARI and close contact of confirmed cases.  This does not mean that we are safe, but we need to move forward else we might sink into an economic black hole and social unrest due to Stay Home Measures.

It also meant that one should continue to stay vigilant and be more cautious than pre phase 2 days.

1) 257 cases
253 dorms
4 community cases (1 PR, 3 Work Permit)
Cases are still reported in hundreds. The dorms cases are back up above 250. Community cases are back as well.

A new cluster is also identified at the dorm at 10 Tech Park Crescent. Not the numbers you expect for reopening of Singapore.

2) More COVID test will be done as Singapore reopens
All individuals aged 45 and above with Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) and close contacts of confirmed cases will be tested for Covid19 starting from next week.

3) No Mid Year Payout for Civil Service
In addition, there will be a one-time pay cut for superscale public officers.

4) List of Popular Shops that will open or remain closed for Phase 2

Before you head down to your favourite store, you might want to check this first.

5) COE Bidding to resume on July 5

Good news for those looking for a new car. Will there be a $1 COE. We think COE might actually increase due to pent up demand over the past 2-3 months

6) Migrant Workers must stay in dorms on rest days

Workers staying in places that have been cleared of Covid-19 will be able to leave the dorms to run personal errands at approved locations, such as recreation centres, the ministry said.

7) NParks Distribute packets of seeds to encourage public to grow vegetables

You can now grow your own vegetable gardens

8) Care and Support Package paid out to those with Paynow linked to NRIC on June 18
Check your bank account 

9) Paul Tambyah becomes the first Sporean to head International Society of Infectious Disease

ISID is a United States-based non-profit organisation with a focus on helping developing countries with limited resources that disproportionately bear the brunt of pandemics.

He is also the Chairman of SDP

10 ) Contact Sport allowed from June 19
No more than 5 participants and you cannot have contact as you need to keep 2 m away

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