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Daily Dose June 20 : Good Old Days?

Singapore Reopens

Day 1 of Phase 2 had seen droves of locals out in the malls and restaurants. It has been mostly orderly and compliant.

However, the evening tells a different tale. Although pubs are not opened, cafes that sell alcoholic drinks are also popular with many gathering drinking and chatting without masks. It's back to the 'good old days'.

1)142 Cases confirmed

141 Dorms
1 Community 

Phase 2 Day 1 also marked the lowest number of confirmed cases in weeks.  Similar to Day 1 of Phase 1, there is no local cases reported with almost all cases in dorms. A coincidence?

Do note that this does not mean that community cases are eradicated. The days following Phase 2 saw a spike in community cases that were higher last the last week of the circuit breaker. With testing compulsory for close contacts of confirmed cases and those above 45 with ARI from next week, expect to see the numbers jump.

Source: MOH

2) New Clusters identified

Even though we are in Phase 2, new clusters continue to be identified. A dorm at Kaki Bukit Road is the latest new cluster confirmed

3) Museums to reopen on June 26 followed by Heritage Centres on July 3

The Asian Civilisations Museum, the National Museum of Singapore and the National Gallery Singapore will reopen next Friday, while the Malay Heritage Centre, Indian Heritage Centre and Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall will do so a week later.

No tours, interactive exhibits, audio. Group Size limited to 5

4) Singapore Pools Outlets to reopen on Monday with 4D and TOTO to take place next week

Some rules will be changed, eg TOTO. If you had saved money over the past 2 weeks, you might want to continue the good habit.

5) More than 10 accidents reported on Day 1 of Covid19

Probably not used to driving after 2 months. Forgot that there are more cars on the road now.

6) More religious activities to resume in Phase 2 of reopening

Congregational and other worship services, starting with up to 50 people at a time, excluding religious and supporting workers, may resume from June 26 to allow religious organisations to prepare safe management measures.

7) Man Charged over pushing trolley against transport ambassador who advised him on mask

Asked to cover mask on train, he attempted to escape there after. Drama

8) 7 sights we will miss in Phase 2

With Phase 2 back to normalcy, we might be too busy to notice these.

9) Govt Run Columbariums to open in Phase 2

Government-managed columbariums in Choa Chu Kang, Mandai and Yishun will be open to the public again from today after more than two months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic.

10) Not all retailers are open. Uniqlo Singapore had chosen to delay opening till safe measures are in.

Find out which popular shops are open here

11) Singaporean may be allowed to enter Malaysia without Covid19 restrictions but should be reciprocal.

In other words, you don't test me, don't quarantine me and I will do to same

12 Night scene in Singapore during Phase 2 Day 1
 Large crowds spotted all over the island along popular haunts despite pubs closures. Cafe serving alcoholic drinks filled in the gaps for pubs.

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